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Pliny the Younger And Mythical Jesus Cult !!!

                 Pliny the Younger, Roman Official and Historian (61-115 CE)
Pliny purportedly wrote a letter in 110 CE to the Emperor Trajan requesting his assistance in determining the proper punishment for "Christiani" who were causing trouble and would not renounce "Christo" as their god or bow down to the image of the Emperor. These recalcitrant Christiani.

According to the Pliny’s  letter, Christians gathered  "together before daylight" and sang "hymns with responses to Christ as a god," binding themselves "bya solemn institution, not to any wrong act."

The value of the Pliny letter as "Evidence" of Christ's existence is worthless, as it makes no mention of "Jesus of Nazareth," nor does it  makes any reference to any Event in his Alleged public life. There is not even a clue in it that such a man  ever existed.

NOTE:-  Pliny is just relaying what those arrested criminals  said they believed and there is no ref…

YHWH And His Consort Asherah !!

Asherah was the great Caananite Mother Goddess since about the 13th century BCE. Abraham of the Bible grew up during these times and as his culture group was nomads, they adopted many beliefs from surrounding cultures  as their own.

In Ugaritic myths Bull-El or El dwells in the depths of a mountain, at the source of the double deep (tehom), that is the source of the fresh and salt water oceans. The Hebrews have drawn from the Ugaritic imagery in associating Yahweh in the opening lines of Genesis with tehom (English: "the deep").

Well its less of miraculous more plagiaristic in nature as the Hebrew scribers copied the ancient Ugartic – Sumerian & ancient Mesopotamian myths and amalgamated various G-ds under one heading i.e Elohim . Thereby transferring all the folk tales and powers and epithets of various Dieties under single Heading ELOHIM(Literally : Plural dieties).

Question is Why Ashera worship was soo frequent? The Answer is :

1. There was an almost innate need for p…

Ha-shem: The G-d Baal Reloaded

The cycle of Ugaritic Baal and `Anat ‘ is in three parts, each written on two tablets. Found in the 1920's in modern Ras Shamra, situated on the Mediterranean coast of northern Syria, a few kilometers north of the modern city of Latakia, it reveals interesting facts about origins of YHWH. Let’s see:
Part I Baal and Yamm-Nahar :
El calls to end the violence among the Gods, and intends to crown Yamm ("Sea"), the god of the chaotic seas (also called Nahar "River"), king of the earth. Baal ("Lord"), the storm god, and Mot ("Death"), the god of the underworld, are rivals.
Yamm sends messengers to El’s court demanding that Baal surrender to him as captive. Baal is indignant, and enters battle with Yamm. Kothar-wa-Hasis, the divine craftsman, has been instructed to build Yamm a palace, but instead helps Baal defeat Yamm by designing two war clubs for him. And Nahar (River) from his seat of rule. Baal becomes king of the earth Parallel Story found in Psa…

Going Beyond Adam & Eve !!!

Israeli archaeologists have found two 9,000-year old animal-shaped figurines while excavating the site .

A six-inch long statues, made of limestone and dolomite used as a good luck charms for hunters during the Stone Age.
Archaeologists came across the figures, one resembling an ox, the other a horned ram, after examining the site of a construction project a few miles north of Jerusalem.

Director Hamoud Khalaily said: “It is considered one of the most fascinating chapters in the history of mankind; many changes took place in it that shaped human society for thousands of years to come.”

Standard Lemmings reply to this would be:

A} “You know what Ha-shem created world and made Adam and Eve. And According to Torah it must be around 4004 BCE.” Of course this assertion is based on those plagiaristic fables from Sumer ,later copied into Torah.

B} “You shall burn in Hell .Radioactive carbon dating is not accurate, YHWH alone is accurate ”.

What doesn’t enter their minds is that advance tech…

The True Origins Of Adam & Eve Story !!!

The Origins Of Adam And Eve Story

In the Bible God actually creates man twice, in chapter 1 were he creates man and woman in his own image (Gen 1:27), and then in chapter 2 were he creates man out  of dirt (Gen 2:7) and a little later creates the woman from one of the ribs of man (Gen 2:22).

It’s kind of strange that G-d creates man after having created all the animals in chapter 1, but in chapter two he created man before the animals. Well it does not take rocket science to arrive at the conclusion that Genesis is nothing but a work where ancient pagan myths and lores are haphazardly interwoven to give an impression to its readers of it's being the original masterpiece.

In Sumerian clay tablets we find the original story from which Hebrew scribers managed to plagiarize a great deal . The story of how woman was created from the rib of Adam, do not make much sense. Why the rib? But when we read the original story ,which the writers of the …

The Birth Of Judaism In The Shadow Of Serpent Worship !!!!

Is Judaism A Cult Of Serpent Worshipper?

The image of the serpent was of tremendously significant in the ancient world. Societies and scriptures of the Near East simultaneously attributed two highly symbolic roles to serpents:

a) Representing a deity with creative powers, and healing.

b) The other being of underworld and associated them with evil, harm, and destructive influences.

A careful reading of Israel's sacred writings reveals that the same duality regarding serpent symbolism that existed among various peoples of the ancient Near East .

The serpent first appears in the scriptures in the story of the fall of Adam and Eve (Genesis 3:1). In the Hebrew language the creature is called a nahash, a viper, from which derives the noun for copper or brass (nehosheth), also used as an adjective denoting the "brass" serpent that Moses erected on a pole in the wilderness for the protection and healing of the Israelites (see Numbers 21:4–9).

On the one hand, the nahash in Genes…