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Egyptian G-d Khnum And YHWH 2 !!!

Egyptian G-d Khnum 

Egyptian G-d Khnum was depicted as a ram headed. It was believed that he created the first children on his potter's wheel with clay from the banks of the Nile.In Iunyt (Esna) it was believed that it was he who molded the First Egg from which the sun hatched, and thus was a creator god who was 'Father of the Fathers and of the Gods and Goddesses.
Khnum also protected the sun (in the form of the G-d Ra) on its daily journey through the underworld. Whatmost people don’t know is that Biblical story of Joseph found in Book Of Genesis is nothing but a direct borrowing from much ancient sources found in Egypt.
The Famine Stela is an inscription written in hieroglyphs located on Sehel Island in the Nile near Aswan in Egypt, which speaks of a seven-year period of drought and famine during the reign of the 3rd dynasty king Djoser.
It describes that during the 18th ruling of King Djoser,the king is upset and worried, as the land of Egypt has been in the grip of a drought a…

Egyptian G-d Khnum And YHWH 1 !!!

Egyptian G-d Khnum

Khnum is a ram-headed deity working at his potter’s wheel, fashioning men and all living creatures out of clay. Khnum, in Egyptian, means molder
A passage from an Egyptian creation legend by Khnum follows:
“The mud of the Nile, heated to excess by the Sun, fermented and generated, without seeds, the races of men and animals.”
Passages of the Bible leave no doubt about the belief in the concept of the Divine Potter. Genesis, 2:7 mentions the material used to make man, the same type of substance used by Khnum :
“And the Lord God formed man of the dust of the ground, and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life; and man became a living soul.

The well-known Ancient Egyptian illustration showing Khnum, the Divine Potter, at his potter’s wheel, fashioning men from clay, was echoed thousands of years later in Isaiah, 64:8: Yet, O Lord, thou art our Father; we are the clay, and thou art our potter; we are all the work of thy hand..

Robert Mascharan !!!

Egyptian G-ds As The Ten Plagues In The Torah !!!

Egyptian G-ds As The Ten plagues Used In Torah

                     Plagues                               Gods & Goddesses 1. Nile water into blood 1. Hapi: god of the Nile
2. Frogs 2. Heket: Egyptian goddess of Fertility
3. Gnats or Lice from dust
3. a) Geb: Egyptian god of the Earth;
    b) Khepri: Egyptian god of creation, movement of the Sun.
4. Flies (gadflies) 4. Khepri: Egyptian god of resurrection, creation
5. Cattle/livestock disease 5. a) Hathor: goddess of love and protection; possibly absorbed Bat, the cow-headed goddess.
    b) bull cult gods Apis, Buchis, and Mneuis
6. Boils
6. a) Isis: goddess of medicine and peace

Goddess Neith: The Virgin Mother of the World !!!

Neith, Virgin Mother of the World
The worship of the Egyptian goddess Neith is traceable to atleast around 7,000 years.She is also the mother of our Crocodile God Sobek.
It is important in discussing Neith as autogene, or self-created Virgin Mother...first to establish her preeminence in the Egyptian pantheon. Neith...was one of the oldest of all Egyptian deities and one of the most important divinities during the early historic period. There is strong evidence that her worship was widespread in predynastic times... She is first documented iconographically in the last phase of the predynastic period (c. fourth millennium B.C.E...[ Dr. Marguerite Rigoglioso ,Virgin Mother Goddesses of Antiquity”]
Greek Plutarch refers to an inscription on her statue in Sais :

I am everything that has been, and that is, and that shall be, and no one has ever lifted my garment (peplos)…

Neith (Nit, Net, Neit) was an ancient goddess of war and weaving. She was the patron goddess of the Red Crown of L…