Goddess Neith: The Virgin Mother of the World !!!


Neith, Virgin Mother of the World

The worship of the Egyptian goddess Neith is traceable to atleast around 7,000 years.She is also the mother of our Crocodile God Sobek.

It is important in discussing Neith as autogene, or self-created Virgin Mother...first to establish her preeminence in the Egyptian pantheon. Neith...was one of the oldest of all Egyptian deities and one of the most important divinities during the early historic period. There is strong evidence that her worship was widespread in predynastic times... She is first documented iconographically in the last phase of the predynastic period (c. fourth millennium B.C.E...[ Dr. Marguerite Rigoglioso ,Virgin Mother Goddesses of Antiquity ”]

Greek Plutarch refers to an inscription on her statue in Sais :

I am everything that has been, and that is, and that shall be, and no one has ever lifted my garment (peplos)…

Neith (Nit, Net, Neit) was an ancient goddess of war and weaving. She was the patron goddess of the Red Crown of Lower Egypt and the city of Zau (Sais, in the 5th Nome of Lower Egtpt) in the Delta. According to the Iunyt (Esna) cosmology, Neith was the creator of the world and the mother of the sun, Ra. This made her the mother of all of the gods and connected her with Nun (a member of the Ogdoad of Hermopolis who was the personification of the primeaval waters of chaos from which Ra emerged at the beginning of time). However, she was also credited with creating Apep, the great serpent and the sworn enemy of Ra, by spitting into the waters of Nun.

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