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Modern Jewry : Are They Descendants Of Ancient Israelites ?

"This land is ours... God gave us the title deeds..."                                            - Ariel Sharon (Ex-Israeli Prime Minister) in a 22nd  Sept 2002 speech .

Quite often we hear about this self proclaimed assertion of Jewish community that G-d YHWH himself gave the land to their forefathers namely Abhram, Isaac & Jacob. The claim for this allegedly supremacist stuff comes from an apparently forged document titled “Genesis”. According to this unauthentic text(which has went through repetited editing and alterations through generations ) G-d YHWH said to Abhram: 

1. “I give to you and to your decendants after you the land in which you are stranger, all the land of Canaan, as an everlasting possession” (Gen 17:8,NKJV)

2. “For all the land that you see I give to you and to your decendants forever” (Gen 13:15, NKJV)

In short, this stupid unverifiable 2-3 verses are the  sole premises from which they derive their notion of Israel. Not only that  bu…

The Enigmatic Mystery Of YHWH !!!

The Enigmatic Mystery  Of YHWH
Quite often we hear about the concept called MONOTHEISM i.e  There is only one G-D. Among the worlds various religion it is assumed that ISLAM &  CHRISTIANITY  derive its concept of  One G-d from JUDAISM. Often it is assumed that Judaism is a Monotheistical religious concept  given to Moses on mount Sinai. That it was the same a G-d of Abhram , Issac and Jacob responsible for the propagating this ancient concept of  Belief in One G-d. It is time now that the mystery which  shrouds this highly mysterious and puzzling figure of  so-called One G-d of Monotheism be fully uncovered once and for all (Read: YHWH) Who is YHWH ?  What is the Mystery behind his origin & clues that ancient civilization left behind after their direct first hand encounter to war n the future generations of impending troubles with this chronic Obsesssive compulsive Fiend  ?  Lets embark on the ancient route less travelled and unravel this Single Piece of Most speculated figure of …