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The Egyptian Crocodile G-d : The Messiah Of Isrealites !!

The Egyptian Crocodile G-d : The Chosen One Of Isrealites

The New Testament Greek words for anoint is “Chrio” which means “to smear or rub with oil ” . The annointing of priest-kings dates back to ancient Egyptian traditions. The interesting thing is the oil which was  used in Egypt came from crocodiles which were called "Messeh", hence the word "Messiah" or "Annointed king" came out to be .

According to one account, Pharaoh’s bride was required to anoint him, before their marriage, with oil drawn from fat of the holy and deified crocodile (messeh)[ Sir Laurence Gardner, “The Hidden History of Jesus and the Holy Grail].

In another version, crocodile oil was used to anoint Pharaoh for his coronation. Thus, the crocodile G-d gave up its life to foster the reign of the earthly god, Pharaoh.
The Egyptian term messeh was allegedly adopted by the Hebrews (ca. 1250 BCE) as the mashiach (anointed).

The Hebrew word for “anointed” was then Hellenized by the Greeks to …

Egyptian Moon G-d 'Yah' : Investigating The Roots Of Lunar Cult !!!

YHWH and Moon God

Hebrew Name of G-d is Yah and it was known to be the name ofG-d since Moses’s mythical exodus from Egypt and by the way what was the name of Egyptian Moon God? He was called Yah, coincidence? Yah  equals to Iah or Ieue as it is said in Hebrew. One Egyptian papyrus says:

 “ I am Moon God Yah among the Gods, I do not fail ”.Interestingly when christians praise their G-d they use the word “Helelu-Yah ”, which means “O Yah the Shining One” . The word “Helel” means “Shining One”. But the similarlties does not end here .

 The Hebrew word for Moon itself is  “Yah-re-ach”  meaning “ Crescent Moon(H3394) And ‘Yareach’ is Hebrew name for none other than the Canaanite deity Yarikh ! This Egyptian deity calledYah was once personified through the crescent moon, worshiped in humanoid form.

The word Jerico or Yah-richo in Hebrew means  Moon City. So they prayed to Moon God,other wise it makes no sense to name a city base on pagan deities. Strong Lexicon gives a very interesting meani…