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My Quest and A New Begining !!!

Peace to all, In The Name of Humanity
A hearty welcome to all who read my blog. All I ask for is your 10 Mins  precious time to spare and think and reason with all your Heart Mind & Soul. The reason why I started this blog is to show all Christian people the truth about the Cult called Christianity and also to draw the attention of the innocent and guillible Jews,Hindus Buddists etc. to understand the tactics , Deceptions & misrepresentation these Missioneries and Evengalists  do to convert the people of other faith and  religions . On an average around $ 250 million Dollars are spent each year to convert Jews to Christianity  by false and misguided  Christian Zealots and fanatics to attack  the people of Jewish faith and convert them. Also  one of the reason is also to warn the people of other faiths and religion and Christian who have began to see the truth about their own religion to be aware of them and there tactics. They may be sweet loving always smiling and happy on your…

The New Begining

A heary Welcome to all who read my Blog. All I ask is take your time and ask questions and above all reason as they are the only thing that makes a human progressively better.
 Peace To All