My Quest and A New Begining !!!

Peace to all,
In The Name of Humanity

A hearty welcome to all who read my blog. All I ask for is your 10 Mins  precious time to spare and think and reason with all your Heart Mind & Soul.
The reason why I started this blog is to show all Christian people the truth about the Cult called Christianity and also to draw the attention of the innocent and guillible Jews,Hindus Buddists etc. to understand the tactics , Deceptions & misrepresentation these Missioneries and Evengalists  do to convert the people of other faith and  religions . On an average around $ 250 million Dollars are spent each year to convert Jews to Christianity  by false and misguided  Christian Zealots and fanatics to attack  the people of Jewish faith and convert them.
Also  one of the reason is also to warn the people of other faiths and religion and Christian who have began to see the truth about their own religion to be aware of them and there tactics. They may be sweet loving always smiling and happy on your face but at the back of mind would always think of spreading false representation of Jewish Scriptures which according to them is called “Good News” is but a untrue .
Specially  Prudent Christians, you must have been taught that Jesus have fulfilled lots of Old testament Prophecies well in this blog I will show you that there is not a single prophecy that Jesus actually fulfilled. This might be shocking to you and for many reasonable and Brain using Christians this year might turn out to be  their last year as a Christian.
It has been estimated that Christians' annual income is $12.3 trillion. $213 billion is given to Christian causes. $11.4 billion is given to foreign missions, 87% of which goes to work being done among the already Christian, 12% goes to work among the evangelized non-Christians, 1% among the unevangelized.  As per World Evangelization Research Center 54% of evangelical Christians are non-whites.
US mission agencies have an annual budget of over $5.2 billion. (Weber and Welliver 2007, 13).
Christian organizations spend $8 billion a year on conferences. (Yohannan, Come Let's Reach the World,
126). As per Finley 2004, 47 :“There are over 3,000 indigenous mission boards in India that have a combined total of 100,000 missionaries.”
I m an Ex-christian  , I left Christianity after some detailed research about its background. Also the premises upon which Christianity stand that Jesus was the Promised Messiah , that he was Prophecised by all Prophets in Old Testament was complete lie shattered by reading and re-reading and searching and doing an impartial investigation. To my horror, I found out that all that has been taught  to me for past Two decades of my life was a big lie and fraud perpetrated by earlier Chruch to spread there cult called Christianity. When I went a little farther I realized that it was not just them but the very Gospels which were written about life of Jesus upon which whole Christianity stands was so deliberately tampered by theVery Gospels writers and later by Chruch Fathers under  the supervision of Constantine around 325 A.D in Constantinopal( Modern Istambul, Turkey)that it completely shook me to core that I had been fooled to believe that was never a truth but a systematic campaign to give credibility to the rising cult called Christianity at that time. From the very beigning of my life I had been more into reasoning and logic so I was always think in one way or the other that there is some thing which is terribly wrong  in this religion inspite of its good moral teaching . Something is missing and some puzzle is there that I need to solve .And when I started doing my research I felt that I was right from the beginning.

In short, I loved Christianity so much only to realize in the end that its not what it seemed and claimed to be and eventually I began to see that it just does’nt even matter as the foundation upon which was my faith was standing was so shaky rather let me say like this :there was no foundation  ever present ,we were made a stranger among our own people. I realised that due to our converted ancestors from British Times they were and later us to this day are imitating a religion and culture and tradition that was never our own.  I decided its time to call it A Sweet Good Bye Forever!! Feel free to ask questions I would be glad to answer them all.


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