Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Missionary Deceit And Predatory !!!


For a long time I have not been able to write much in this blog, a blog which I started to expose a lot of things that we don’t get to hear about Christianity and Judaism as being a religion of G-d. Major reason being continuous travelling schedules. I have been able to systematically present a lot of stuff that many of your local Priests/ Pastors and Rabbis aren’t comfortable talking about.
Indeed many of the secrets are buried deep within those very enigmatic and mysterious looking scriptures, some are actually found in ancient archaeological sites.

But today’s topic is not about any religious debate rather upon blunt hypocrisy of so-called Missionary that I often encounter once in a while. The usual topic of discussion being:
“G-d created a perfected world and mankind fell from the grace by eating the forbidden fruit” - thus declared so-called Missionary host. My simple logic been that, had creation been perfect what was the need for the forbidden fruit to be hanging that also right in the middle of the Garden of Eden at first place?

If G-d being that perfect, why he created that tree and without failing made sure that he plant it right in the middle, as a daily reminder to Adam that he also has an option to choose otherwise?

Also G-d being perfect, creating and planting Evil in Eden makes him look far from been a Holy and pure G-d, rather an agent of Mischief rigging his own game. Suffice it is to say that creation has ever been perfect- at any point of time in history, contrary to this idiot Missionary’s claim who willingly chose to remain blind and expect others to follow his moronic path.

When confronted with the truth, he began to turn philosophical and say, that event of sinning actually happened in higher realms rather than upon this earth. This fool thought that I would be some another jack ass gullible dupe to trap. So I just pointed out the four rivers that used to irrigate Garden of Eden, one of which is a river called Euphrates which is present even to this date. Not only that one river called Tigris as is mentioned – flowed east of Assyria. River Gihon flowed to whole land of Cush (Gen 2:10-14)

I’m not even arriving at the main topic, I asked him, he being an Indian is he active in his own Indian community in a foreign nation like cultural association etc.? His response really shocked me. As blunt as it was he said- No it’s a Non-Christian dominated environment. What he really meant was he don’t like to celebrate colourful festivals and other dance celebrations just because it is something simply not sanctioned by his bible. Just look at this idiot person who is completely born and raised in India lived for years in a country which gave him an identity and culture and a sense of belongingness and he like a viper and scorpion is filled with venom and all sorts of aversions against his own country and a culture where he took birth!!

Not only that this Moron is also actively engaged in typical conversion activities under pseudo grab of charities and providing humanitarian support to poor orphans and innocent people. I agree that we must help poor and less privileged section of society but with good intentions not with nefarious intentions of converting.

What is more shameful is the fact that when I look at this person and wonder can’t he see poor and orphans in his now immigrated country? Why don’t he help people of the nation where he lives- An English and First world country? I see no answer. His disdain for people living in welfare and all of the pain for poor’s of other country is clearly because in first world nation which gave him a foot in the door and exposure to first world nation living standard, no matter how much a person is in pain ultimately he is Christian and thus this Missionary see no point in helping him as this Missionary is getting deprived of his most cherished activity- CONVERSION of Pagans.

Funny it is that he see no point in helping a nation ‘s poor which gave him a kind of living that he can’t expect in his own birth country and readily sought VISA on religious grounds to leave his birth country at the earliest available opportunity along with his wife and 2 children.

The way I see this, it has multiple features. Annually this Missionary along with his wife present a slide show where they depict the poverty of their birth country and try to pitch in investors to donate money for their own ambitions plans of acquisition of some high net worth property and create a self-styled village which might foster their own agenda and create further alienation of more people from their roots and fill them with hate against their own country like this Dumb-Ass Missionary and his wife.
But what is more interesting is the fact that just look at the audacity of this man to really go ahead and purposely show all the negative sides of his birth country just to garner to investors to get more funds and that also so shamelessly. He is a shame not only in the name of a man but also a treacherous traitor towards his own birth nation which nurtured him and gave him a culture and identity, but also towards his immigrated country where he now enjoys fantastic first world class comforts and not to mention gets government grants for his children’s education (he being a typically missionary).Vermins like these deserve to be exposed

Although I had always been aware of this conniving and manipulative preachers and missionaries whose sole aim is to secure one foot in a first world nation, where they more or less wants to spend rest of their lives for purely physical comforts (Calling it as Will of God to serve Nations) and keeping another foot at their birth country where they go to execute their highly fatal and toxic plans of espionage and sabotage.

Robert Mascharan !!!

Thursday, 1 January 2015

The Serpent Chronicles- 5 !!!

The Serpents Chronicles

In Hebrew myth, the Biblical "Nefilim", the "sons of the gods", are called awwim, which means Serpents. Hebrew legends also describe the Eden Serpent as a being who walked and talked like a human. The Hebrew book of ancient oral tradition, the Haggadah, speaks of this Serpent as a creature with two legs that stood upright to the "height of a camel ".
What most people don’t know is that the world for Seraphim is actually derived from the word ‘Seraph’ which means "fiery Serpent”. In fact this biblical worditself is derived form much ancient Sumerian root called, ‘Seru, the name of a Serpent in the Epic of Gilgamesh, and sarpa, a Sanskrit term for the Indian reptilian snake Gods called the Nagas. 
The great ancient Egyptian city of Alexandria was called "City of the Serpent's Son" (Alexander the Great) and there they worshipped the Serpent god, Serapes. He was known as the "Sacred Serpent" or "Fire Serpent". According to one of the Pyramid Texts,G-d Ra had sent forth his eye, and while it was gone, grew a new one. The first eye returned, and was displeased. Ra then transformed her into a snake goddess with fiery capacities:

Malachite glitters for me, I live according to my will, for I am Wadjet, Lady of the Devouring Flame, and few approach me
-The Ancient Egyptian Book of the Dead, by Carol Andrews, Raymond Faulkner, Page 49

She is Snake goddess Wadjet. She also underwent a metamorphosis. She was then thought to control fate and destiny, apportioning the length of one’s life, becoming either associated or amalgamated with the Greco-Roman goddess Bona Fortuna, the ‘goddess of good luck’. Her popularity as a goddess was so strong that not only did she survive well into Greek religion, by then called Thermouthis , she survived beyond that, becoming a Christian saint, Thermuthis.
Hippolytus, an early Christian "father" and historian, wrote that many of the first Gnostics in North Africa were known as the Naaseni or "Serpents" and they worshipped Nahustan, the golden or brazen Serpent, the image of whom they displayed on wooden crosses. The Naaseni (Nagas) later became known as the Ophites, a Greek term for Serpent. The Greeks said that Serpents were creatures of great knowledge, which spoke through their oracles.
The story is the same in the Americas with the Serpent gods at the heart of the ancient myths and ledgends.The books of the Mayans called Chilam Balaam say the first settlers of the Yucatan in Mexico were the Chanes or "People of the Serpent".(The Return Of The Serpents Of Wisdom, pp. 67 )

They were said to have come across the sea led by a god-figure called Itzamna.Itzamna, the sacred city of the god, therefore, means "the place of the lizard" Itzamna's symbol was the Tau cross,Quetzalcoatl, the most famous Central American "Serpent" god, also carried a Tau cross.

The Hebrew word Nachash is translated to "shine" (like brass) or whisper (as in enchantment). The Nachash was not a literal snake. The Nachash when used literallyin Hebrew would actually mean, a 'Shining Enchanter.' He was also 'shrewd' (smooth or slick), as a descriptive term in the Hebrew for 'naked and cunning' in deceiving Eve.

 Scripture goes on to say that the Nachash was - "above (higher in intelligence) than any living thing 'of the field' that Elohim had made."
CNEPH was considered by the Egyptian priests as "the architect of the universe," For his many services to the people, in teaching them letters, hieroglyphics, astronomy, and morals, TAAUTUS or THOTH was deified after death as "the god of health," or of "healing," and became the prototype of the god ÆSCULAPIUS . He was also identified with HERMES and Mercury.

As "the G-d of healing," THOTH was himself symbolized by the Serpent, which he had taught the Egyptians to consider as a general emblem of divinity. The seventh letter of the Egyptian alphabet, called Zeuta, or "life," was sacred to him , and expressed by “A Serpent standing upon his tail” . Hence the name and the form of the corresponding letter in the English and Grecian alphabet came out to be ‘Ζ’ and ‘ ζ’.

SATURN  was denoted by the lunar emblem, surmounted by the Taautic cross.

JUPITER, by the lunar emblem, surmounting the Taautic.

MARS, by its combination with the solar symbol.

VENUS was distinguished by the same combination, but the Taautic cross was below the circle.

MERCURY united all the symbols. This Mercury is nothing but Hellenized version of Egyptian G-d Thoth.

Robert Mascharan !!!