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The Serpent Chronicles- 5 !!!

The SerpentsChronicles
In Hebrew myth, the Biblical "Nefilim", the "sons of the gods", are called awwim, which means Serpents. Hebrew legends also describe the Eden Serpent as a being who walked and talked like a human. The Hebrew book of ancient oral tradition, the Haggadah, speaks of this Serpent as a creature with two legs that stood upright to the "height of a camel ". What most people don’t know is that the world for Seraphim is actually derived from the word ‘Seraph’ which means "fiery Serpent”. In fact this biblical worditself is derived form much ancient Sumerian root called, ‘Seru, the name of a Serpent in the Epic of Gilgamesh, and sarpa, a Sanskrit term for the Indian reptilian snake Gods called the Nagas.  The great ancient Egyptian city of Alexandria was called "City of the Serpent's Son" (Alexander the Great) and there they worshipped the Serpent god, Serapes. He was known as the "Sacred Serpent" or "Fire Serp…