Pliny the Younger And Mythical Jesus Cult !!!

                 Pliny the Younger, Roman Official and Historian (61-115 CE)

Pliny purportedly wrote a letter in 110 CE to the Emperor Trajan requesting his assistance in determining the proper punishment for "Christiani" who were causing trouble and would not renounce "Christo" as their god or bow down to the image of the Emperor. These recalcitrant Christiani.

According to the Pliny’s  letter, Christians gathered  "together before daylight" and sang "hymns with responses to Christ as a god," binding themselves "by a solemn institution, not to any wrong act."

The value of the Pliny letter as "Evidence" of Christ's existence is worthless, as it makes no mention of "Jesus of Nazareth," nor does it  makes any reference to any Event in his Alleged public life. There is not even a clue in it that such a man  ever existed.

NOTE:-  Pliny is just relaying what those arrested criminals  said they believed and there is no reference here to a Jesus.
Pliny had convened trials of Christians because he suspected their forbidden “Political Association”. He continues:

 I discovered nothing else but depraved, excessive superstition.”
Unfortunately  , such superstition still persists in the minds and hearts of Christians.
·         Pliny the Younger was not born until 61 CE .

·         Pliny was a lawyer in Rome before going to the east. He was only a child when the "persecution of Christians by Nero" supposedly took place but his guardian Verginius Rufus .

·         Rufus, following Nero's suicide, actually declined an offer from the army of the Rhine to become emperor himself.

·         Had any such Bogus “Massacre of Christians” taken place, Pilany  would have been told  as a child – but in later life he(Pilany) recalls no such thing.

·         At the time this letter was purportedly written, "Christians" were considered to be followers of the Greco-Egyptian god Serapis and that "the name of Christ [was] common to the whole rabblement of gods, kings, and priests."

Emperor Hadrian

Emperor Hadrian(134 CE) has made a very shocking  revelation about earlier Christian beliefs :
" The worshippers of Serapis are Christians, and those are devoted to the God Serapis, who call themselves the bishops of Christ. There is no ruler of a Jewish synagogue, no Samaritan, no Presbyter of the Christians, who is not either an astrologer, a soothsayer, or a minister to obscene pleasures. The very Patriarch himself, should he come into Egypt, would be required by some to worship Serapis, and by others to worship Christ. They have, however, but one God, and it is one and the self-same whom Christians, Jews and Gentiles alike adore, i.e., money."

It is thus possible that the "Christos" of  Pliny's "Christiani" were following was Serapis himself, the deity which was created by the priesthood in the third century BCE. In any case, this god "Christos" was not a man who had been crucified in Judea.

God Seprais

·         Moreover, like  Osiris , Serapis  also  in the Roman Empire—was called not only Christos but also "Chrestos," centuries before the common era. Indeed, it as no surprise that Jewish Scribers fashioned  Jesus in Osiris and Serapis image centuaries later.
·         We have just the name of Christ, and nothing else but the name, one can also fill in the name of Goddess Isis and Baal etc. Again, that does’t mean that those Pagan gods/goddess are true. Do they?
·         The actual text we have today comes from a version by a Christian monk in the 15th century, Iucundus of Verona, whose composition apparently was based on Tertullian's assertions.
·         And we all know how Our Noble Chruch  fathers used to apply Noble concepts like ‘Pious Fraud’.



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  1. Spirit of Anti-Christ!

    1. Jesus , if at all existed, must pass toughest scrutiny of both scriptures and history. The amount of plagiarism this religion did needs more investigation


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