The True Origins Of Adam & Eve Story !!!


                                           The Origins Of Adam And Eve Story

In the Bible God actually creates man twice, in chapter 1 were he creates man and woman in his own image (Gen 1:27), and then in chapter 2 were he creates man out  of dirt (Gen 2:7) and a little later creates the woman from one of the ribs of man (Gen 2:22).

It’s kind of strange that G-d creates man after having created all the animals in chapter 1, but in chapter two he created man before the animals. Well it does not take rocket science to arrive at the conclusion that Genesis is nothing but a work where ancient pagan myths and lores are haphazardly interwoven to give an impression to its readers of it's being the original masterpiece.

In Sumerian clay tablets we find the original story from which Hebrew scribers managed to plagiarize a great deal . The story of how woman was created from the rib of Adam, do not make much sense. Why the rib? But when we read the original story ,which the writers of the Bible used as a template, it all becomes very clearer.

Let investigate with an unbiased mind:

In Sumerian story we have the G-d Enki, the god of water and wisdom and one of the central in the Sumerian pantheon, and of the paradisical land of Dilmun (today’s Bahrain).

Dilmun is said to be to the east of Sumer. In the Biblical story the Garden of Eden is situated “in the east” (Gen 2:8).

According to the myth Dilmun is a bright place , a land of the immortals. However, Dilmun lacks one thing: water. But the water god Enki knows what to do, and he creates a river that turns Dilmun into a divine garden with an abundance of fruit trees, flowers.

Sumerian mother-goddess Ninhursag enters and creates eight different plants in this divine garden. The creation of these 8 plants involves an intricate process with births of three generations of goddesses, and the story emphasizes that these births are all happening without the slightest pain or discomfort.

Enki wants to taste the fruits of these eight plants and he eats them one by one. This makes Ninhursag furious and she casts a lethal spell over Enki, and then disappears from the scene. Enki then becomes ill in eight different organs or body parts, one for each fruit. Enki’s condition is rapidly deteriorating, and the other gods are afraid by this and do not know what to do to help the popular Enki.

Finally Ninhursag comes back and she places Enki between her legs and asks him in what body parts he is ill. Then she creates eight healing goddesses, one for each body part, and soon Enki is well again. One of the sick body parts is the ribs, and in Sumerian the word for rib is “ti”. The goddess created to heal Enki’s rib is called “Nin-ti”, which means the “rib woman”.

However, the Sumerian word “ti” also means “life” or “to make life”, so “Nin-ti” also can mean “the woman who makes life”.
Notice how the word “Eve” in Hebrew (Chavvah) resembles the Hebrew word for “life” (Chay). Coincidence? Ah! Now you know why a wife is called Better Half. Don't You?

The story’s emphasis that the births of the creation-goddesses is without any pain or discomfort, is an element we find in Gods punishment of Eve for causing the fall of man: “I will greatly increase your pains in childbearing; with pain you will give birth to children” (Gen 3:16).

The very name “Eden” is also originally a Sumerian. It originates from the controversy between the Mesopotamian city-states Lagash and Umma about whom should rule the fertile river-valley of Gu-Edina(The banks of Eden) located between the two cities.

Also notice when Elohim says "Let Us Make Man". The reason is that there are lots of other Dieties that are involved in it.

That's why reading the original solves many riddles and answers many questions!!
 In The Name Of Humanity!!
Robert Mascharan 


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