The Egyptian Crocodile G-d : The Messiah Of Isrealites !!


The Egyptian Crocodile G-d : The Chosen One Of Isrealites

The New Testament Greek words for anoint is “Chrio” which means “to smear or rub with oil ” . The annointing of priest-kings dates back to ancient Egyptian traditions. The interesting thing is the oil which was  used in Egypt came from crocodiles which were called "Messeh", hence the word "Messiah" or "Annointed king" came out to be .

According to one account, Pharaoh’s bride was required to anoint him, before their marriage, with oil drawn from fat of the holy and deified crocodile (messeh)[ Sir Laurence Gardner, “The Hidden History of Jesus and the Holy Grail].

In another version, crocodile oil was used to anoint Pharaoh for his coronation. Thus, the crocodile G-d gave up its life to foster the reign of the earthly god, Pharaoh.
The Egyptian term messeh was allegedly adopted by the Hebrews (ca. 1250 BCE) as the mashiach (anointed). 

The Hebrew word for “anointed” was then Hellenized by the Greeks to “Christos”  and, later, by the English to “Messiah” and “Christ”.
The noun   (christos), meaning anointed, comes from the Greek verb  (chrio), meaning to smear or anoint.

 The Book of the Dead suggests that Sobeks, the crocodile G-d’s closeness to Horus can be traced back to his participation in the birth of this god. Sobek was responsible for calling Isis and Nephthys to aid in the protection of the dead. He was the G-d from the Dark Water. Sobek may have been an early fertility god or associated with death and burial.                                                                          

He was at once an aggressive and dangerous god, but also linked to procreation and vegetative fertility, the latter by being obviously linked to the Nile and its fertile green banks and fields.  Partly for this reason, Sobek is often linked to the colour green. Sobek is said to be the son of Neith or Nuit, another very ancient goddess deity.
Goddess Neith Mother
Of Sobek holding
Egyptian Ank And
Christian Cross
The kings and queens of the 13th dynasty particularly favored the cult of Sobek, and kings and queens alike would incorporate the name of the god in their titles, for example Sobek-hotep (Sobek is merciful or satisfied) .  In this connection, Sobek was closely related to the Royal god Horus and there are a number of depictions of Sobek as a crocodile with the head of a falcon adorned with the double crown.
Kom Ombo Temple in
Upper Egypt.
According to ancient visitor, Strabo, writing in the  1st century BCE records his visit to the  shrine of Sobek accompanied by the then Roman Prefect of Egypt.  He visited the Temple that housed the sacred crocodile.  As with all Sobek temples there was a small pool where the living Sobek could lie at leisure.   When visitors arrived for a godly consultation, they would be required to call upon his name, “Suchos! Suchos!”.  If the animal responded and turned towards the visitor this was considered a fairly good sign. 

The temple of Sobek is  at Kom Ombo in Upper Egypt.  Sobek shared this temple in a dual dedication which included Haroeris, better known as Hawer or “Horus the Elder”.  Hawer was the husband of Heket the fog goddess responsible for the creation of children along with Khum, the ‘potter’ god responsible for fashioning children on his potter’s wheel.

In The name Of Humanity !!!

Robert Mascharan


  1. Thank you Robert, I appreciate that helpful information. Can you help me track down the origin of the Egyptian word "messeh"? I see "M-S-H" as the Egyptian vernacular for crocodile, and I'm wondering, were the vowels added by us (modern day), or is that how that combination was pronounced in early Egyptian? Thank you.

    1. Hi !!

      Apologies for the delayed response. Got busy with my studies, so had to take a brief break from Blog writings.

      The English word Messiah originated Aramaic Mashih which in its Verb form “MeSHeH” means “to anoint”. The truth is that this word is of Egyptian origin, where MeSSeh signifies the ritual of anointing the ancient Egyptian King (including Twt-Ankh-Amen)with the fat of Crocodile.This tradition has dated at least 2700 BCE.

      The concept of birth of MeSSeh without any sexual union originated in Egypt with G-ddess IsIs who conceived her son Horus. The cosmic forces responsible for the impregnation was MeSSeh, the crocodile Star, as per spell 148,of the coffin Text:

      “The Crocodile Star MeSSeh strikes … Auset(IsIs) wakes pregnant with the seed of Ausar (Osiris) –namely Heru (Horus)”
      Robert Mascharan

    2. Buy that doesn't explain what the 'messiah' is traditionally! He is, or was, a saviour that rescued his people from bondage and freed them. If you answer that then I think the origin of the messiah is a lot more accessible!

    3. I believe that the idea is to continue researching. You'll never find the answer all in one spot.

  2. The Ancient Egyptian Religion is the True Religion and everything else is a corruption, a lie.

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. Since the beginning of times (Adam's), before the Egyptians, Babylonians, Chinese...there was Christianity. Mankind's father, Adam, taught his children that one day a savior would be borne out of a virgin mother. This was the Christianity before Christ. It wasn't called Christianity, of course not. Christ & Christianity are Greek terms coined later. Adam also taught that this Messiah would give up His life & resurect. He also had a priesthood & performed ordinances received from God Himself or His messengers. These & many other things were taught by Adam. However eventually part of humankind deviated from those orninances & beliefs. Hence the so called pre-Christian pagan religions have so much in common with Christianity. So pagan religions evolved from Adamic Christianity, not the other way round (for which Christianity would evolve from paganism).

    1. LOL, it amazes me that people will write such rubbish that they have heard. There was no Adam.

    2. Adam, originally Adamah, means 'red earth', which is what the Egyptians called the desert wilderness away from the river Nile. So if god put Adam in Eden to till the earth, then pharaoh, the living representative of god, enslaved the people of the 'red earth', the tribal people of the dessert, and put them to work in the fertile lands, or Khemet, 'black fertile earth' around the Nile. Eden can mean 'enclosed valley' as in the Nile valley.

  5. there now has been way to much clear evidence in supporting the scriptures that have been dug up by archaeologist. WHO was the ONE who prophesied that Israel would become a "great" Nation again with a day in 1948, a prophecy made 700 BCE Isaiah 66:7-8 can some explain this and take God our of the equation?

  6. has no one noticed this: G-D? I know of only one people who do this who appear unmentioned here. This is natural because it has been the cause of roman christianity to destroy all their records and revise their narrative. The Jews Messiah is not like the christian or the egyptian.. except like the egyptian it means anointed like any king or anointed one, with oil. In Judaism there is no godlike quality to the Messiah, he is merely a king or personage who accomplishes things during the time or redemption
    The practice of writing G-D is a Jewish practice, and HIs name also cannot be said... christianity resembles egyptian practice but Judaism, neither. I notice no dates for the egyptian uses of moshiach... It seems odd to see egyptian pagan gods written thus:G-D. One must wonder at the source of the tract which is not given here
    Here is an alternate timeline from the people from whom Christianity took their messiah narrative and appeared to change it under the Romans to an Egyptian narrative.. Rome, Egypt and Greece were pagan entities of similarity and as the romans adopted early christianity to their pagan traditions the virgin birth and godlike nature of a messiah appears to come through that source. It makes sense that the Jewish narrative was left out as it does not subscribe to more than one G_D nor men as gods, and as such would not have given support to this theory due to lack of continuity. The only similarity with egypt is the language that moshiach means anointed. Virgin births of gods is similar among romans, egyptians, and christians... but not Jews.

    1. If 'messiah' simply meant anointed one then practically every Middle Eastern king would have been the messiah, as anointing was widespread. The messiah was a leader that rescued his people from the bondage of foreign peoples! Answer that and you have the source for the word messiah!

    2. As stated above Heru (horus) was merged with Sobek. What happened later was the Egyptians were occupied by Hyksos, which means "foriegn rulers," or "rulers of foriegn lands." The Egyptians started to equate outsiders with Set (Satan), thus the rising son of the father would also deliver his people from outside rulers. This is how the concept of the annointing transformed from a spiritual/religious anointing to an ethnocentric concept arguably adopted by the Jews. -Amen

  7. If this hypothesis was true then it would mean that every king was the messiah, which is clearly not the case. The Hebrew 'maschiah' means 'anointed king' but again that could refer to any king as all were anointed. I believe that this is the Hebrew translation of a word that has made sense but does not explain the origin of the word and it's meaning! I'll give you a clue, if this was the true meaning then why would the prophets that spoke of a messiah have names that had the same suffix: Isaiah, Micah (Micaiah) and Jeremiah??? Answer that and you have your original messiah!!!

  8. What does the messiah do??? That's the question!


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