The Serpent Chronicles- 5 !!!

The Red Sea is about 1400 miles (2250km) long, and is a critical link between the Mediterranean Sea and the Indian Ocean. But it's one of the most familiar bodies of water in the world because it is the sea of the Exodus.

All of its eyes are islands  In the northern eye the largest island is Juzur Tawilah. On the southern head, the western (upper) eye is composed of the islands of the Dahlak Archipelago; the eastern, of the Farasan Islands.

Two-headed snakes are not rare, and neither are other two-headed reptiles. I believe this is how we got our understanding of the multi-headed beast/dragon of Revelation and Daniel, and of course, of the Serpent himself. If you compare this photo to the map of Sinai, note that the Exodus crossed, as it were, right over the mouth of this snake, as if they walked over or trampled on the Serpent's head!

Also of note, in front of the southern head's snout is Africa's lowest point. It is Lake Assal in the nation of Djibouti, and is 155 m (509 ft) below sea level. It is "the second lowest land depression on Earth after the Dead Sea" (courtesy Wikipedia). The Dead Sea is just above the north head of the Red Sea snake.

If we closely look at the left side (East) it has Forked tongue of Serpent. We need to ask this question when did Passover, or Pesach (from: פֶּסַח in Hebrew) is celebrated? It is celebrated around 15th of the Hebrew month of Nisan, which corresponds to late March or April in the Gregorian calendar. It is celebrated to commemorate their liberation over 3,300 years ago from Egyptian slavery.

This Passover in late March (at the "equinoxes") coincides with when plane of Earth's equator passes the centre of the Sun. And what happens during equinox? Day and Night becomes equal, represented by the two equal forks shaped tongue of this serpent around Arabian Peninsula around. Also it must be noted that serpent uses his tongue to sense out its prey as its tongue has receptors to quickly process those chemicals. And we all know that Egyptian Pharaoh was trying to hunt down the escaping Hebrew slaves and bring them back by preying on them.

Sun being highest around 21th March, also known as vernal equinox, but as you check the Sun's position on subsequent days, it appears to move West in the Zodiac sign of Aries.
Now, what does the sign of Aries ruled by mars represents in Astrology? It denotes war, aggression and violence. And the story of Hebrews escaping the aggression of Egyptian pharaoh where the latter trying to take them back to captivity by marching with his mighty army, makes quite a sense. Coincidence? I don’t think so !!

It helps illustrate that the Serpent is lowest of all as outlined in Genesis 3:14. If you take another look at the Red Sea snake, please note that the northern head is pictured swallowing the Sinai Peninsula.

Robert Mascharan !!! 


  1. I like your page but there is no evidence jews slaves in egypt and i dint even think semites about when pyramids built or if later dates used that the new kingdoms had any slave races and Egypt long over colonialism - there are three mt sinais in near east some argue whole thing happened in arabia or iraq - Biblical history is pretty shitty at best of times - i prefer to dismiss most of bible as bad history (i dont think there was a jesus as described either) every body of water on planet linger than it is wide has been called snake like by some people

  2. I agree the snake represents hydrology.


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