Christianity's Quest for Pagan Assimilation Goes On !!!

Christian people are so Dumb calling Yoga as christian now. What a dumb money hungry. When you take fruits of a tree , it’s your moral obligation to nurture the roots (Hinduism), but now it seems to me that Christians of west are so smart that there insatiable longing for pagan gods is far from over.

First they incorporated Egyptian G-D 'Horus', Persian/Vedic G-d 'Mitra', Egyptian G-ddess ISIS as Marry and now Hindu concept of Yoga is also becoming a form of Christianity. Shame less !!!!! 

After havign stolen dozens of pagan gods it is still not satisfied in trying toy incorporate all pagan religions and assimilating there G-ds and later decimating those same pagan Religions

Jesus:A Assimilation of Various
 Pagan G-ds

Resurrection of a G-d Not A Monopoly of Jesus

Historic Evolution of Mary To Goddess
Via Assimilation of Pagan Goddess

Robert Mascharan!!!


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