The Paradox of Judaism & Monotheism !!!


The Paradox of Judaism & Monotheism

Jephtah, regarded as hero of faith in Hebrews 11, most definitely recognised that God Chemosh was an existent G-d and actually a legitimate G-d of the Ammonites. In his letter, Jephtah explained to the king of the Ammonites why the Israelites would not return the territory.
 Jephtah argued that it was Yahweh who personally conquered this portion of land and then gave it to the Israelites. In this letter Jephtah acknowledged God Chemosh as the Great War lord and the legitimate god of the Ammonites:

Now, then, Yahweh, the God of Israel, dispossessed the Amorites before His people Israel; and should you possess their land? Do you not hold what CHEMOSH YOUR GOD GIVES YOU TO POSSESS? So we will hold on to everything that Yahweh our God has given us to possess ”. (Judges 11:23-25).

Numbers 21:29 says that the Moabites were “The People of Chemosh” and that they were actually “Sons And Daughters” of G-d Chemosh. The text also says that G-d Chemosh abandoned his people and allowed them to be taken captive. Jephtah, as most of other Israelites of his day believed that each nation was governed by its own national god.
According to Exodus 12:12 says:
Against all the gods of Egypt I will execute judgement…”

The word “judgement” comes from the Hebrew word “shephet”, which actually means “punish.” The word “punish” means “to subject to pain” A mere idol of gold or stone or any other material could not be punished nor can pain be inflicted on an idol. Only the real and living gods could be punished.The Jewish chronicler apparently believed that the gods of Damascus were real and powerful. He believed that these gods actually DEFEATED King Ahaz in battle” (2 Chronicles 28:23).

Infact such themes are quite recurrent through Old Testament, like:

 “Now I know that Yahweh is greater than all the gods.”( Ex18:11)

 “Yahweh God of gods, Yahweh God of gods.”(Joshua 22:22)

 “Worship him [Yahweh] all you Elohim.”( Psalm 97:7)

According to Jeremiah 46:25 YHWH says :

I am going to punish Amon, the god of Thebes together with Egypt and its gods and kings ”.

In the above YHWH quite explicitly declares his rival G-d Amon’s presence and thus putting to end forever this notion of One True God.. … None Like Him… i.e YHWH .

Amon was a tutelary deity of the City of No [Thebes].It would be impossible to punish and inflict punishment and pain on Amon if he was a nonexistent being, an imagination of a corrupt human mind. 

Originally Yahweh and Baal were one and the same God in ancient Israel. Only later did the Israelites began to identify Yahweh as the universal and supreme God.  It was a common practice among the pagans to name their children after gods and goddesses that they worshipped. Daniel’s name was changed to Belteshazzar - after the name of Bel that is, Baal (Daniel 4:8).One of King David’s sons was originally called BEELIADA .(1 Chronicles 14:7)

The International Standard Bible Encyclopedia, Vol. 1, art. Beeliada, on p. 447, says: 
 “The name of a son of David born in Jerusalem, but CHANGED to  Eliada in ORDER TO REMOVE THE ELEMENT OF BAAL FROM THE NAME.” 

When David fought a battle and defeated his foes he named that place with the name of BAAL although he credited Yahweh with this victory (2 Samuel 5:20).

 The G-d worshipped after the death of Gideon was named Baal Berith - Lord of the Covenant (Judges 8:33). The same god is called El Berith - God of the Covenant (Judges 9:46).
What we are observing from these mish mash is the fact that  later Jewish redactors tampered with their scriptures and removed the name of Baal to establish Monotheist teachings.

It is quite interesting to note that One of King David’s warriors, a Benjamite, was named BEALIAH - in the King James Bible (1 Chron 12:5). His real Hebrew name was actually BAAL YAH - which means YAHWEH IS BAAL.

In drawing the conclusion, I would like to draw the attention of the readers to the hitherto  unknown  fact that by mere implicit or explicit admission towards the presence of other G-ds as rival to YHWH is an ample attestation to the fact that Judaism itself is not Monotheistic as it is often claimed to be rather its actually  Henotheistic(One God picked against many).

It does not mean that YHWH is the sole G-d and that no other G-ds and G-ddess existed prior to him. It’s very interesting point to observe that Monotheism, as singular point of unity, seeks opponents and rival G-ds to establish its supremacy over them which runs in direct contravention to the  established principles of Monotheism i.e Judaism eventually admits what it tries to negate for such a long history of its existence.

In The Name Of Humanity!!!
Robert Mascharan


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