Chrestus : The Forging of A G-d !!!


Chrestus: The Evolution of A G-d
Ptolemy I Soter he created a new G-d who was a mixture of Zeus,Asklepious,Dionysis & Osiris. It was called “Serapis Christus”.
A correspondence of Emperor Hadrian refers to Alexandrians worshipping Serapis and Calling themselveses the “Bishops of Christ”.

Egypt that you have commanded to me , my dearest Servianus, I have found to be wholly  fickle and inconsistent, and continually wafted about by every breath of flame. The worshippers of G-d Serapis(here) are called Christians, and those who are devoted to G-d Serapis (I find), call themselves Bishops of Christ
                                                                                 -Hadrian to Servianus, 134A.D
                                                                                 (Quoted by Giles, ii p86)

Emperor Hadrian
It is said often said that worship of G-d Serapis lated from 305 BCE to 325 CE. But how did Jesus came into picture? An Afrian from Libya called Arius (CE 250-336) has a great many interesting details to shed some light on the long lost era when our mythical Jesus was getting forged,and he was telling the truth about this mythical G-d so Chruch decided to change the name of Serapis to Jesus.

The word of G-d was not always but was made from things that are not…For a Son is created, and a thing made.. And this we say, because he is neither part of G-d nor of any essential being..For this we are persecuted
          -Arius Letter to Eusebius of Nicomedia (CE 319)
This kind of teaching had a potential for seriously damaging the earnings of priests and to create a rift into newly created United Roman Empire (Both East and West), so it became an urgent priority to some how stop Arius. The newly commissioned Constantine commissioned a council , called as the Council of Nicea.  This council established a creed in 325 CE and in the last paragraph of first version of this Nicea Creed, they have specifically discredited Arius :

….But those who say ‘There was a time when he was not’ and ‘He was not before he was made’ and ‘He was made out of nothing’  or ‘he is of another substance’… They are condemned by the holy catholic chruch

56 years later this Creed of Nicea was revised and the part mentioning Arius was dropped silently, and people simply forgot about the name Arius.

 The name Chrestus (Christus) was another name for this deity Serapis and many in Antioch knew their god Serapis as their Christ. Many Christians say that they call themselves Christians because they are followers of Christ. The problem with this explanation is that the pagans that worshipped Serapis Chrestus (Christus) said the exact same thing.

In reality, the term "Chrestos" or χρηστς (chrestoi for plural) has been used in association with a plethora of people and gods, in ancient Greek sources such as those of playwright Sophocles (497-406 BCE)

As another example of the Pagan use of the word chrestos, in 2008 an evidently pre-Christian cup or bowl was found at Alexandria, Egypt, with the genitive form chrestou inscribed on it. This of magical bowls used for protection and incantation. 

In The Name of Hhumanity !!!
Robert Mascharan


  1. OK, Serapis worshippers also called themselves Christians. Now, what is the difference between the Christians? Christ, is a designation not a name, there have been many christs. We know Serapis was synthesized, but who, what, where and how did Jesus..... or was he synthesized also? No one is answering this question. To center on christ or christos doesn't answer who is Jesus, historically in documented human history, not just in religious literature (bible, etc).

    1. I believe the article is talking about Jesus...Christians also call him Jesus Christ. So this is saying how Jesus came into play by some fictional character first being named Serapis Christus. Have you done any research on your own account?

    2. Jesus is a false name based on ieosus. The real Jewish Messiah (not christus) was known as Yeshua, which literally means salvation. His followers practiced Judaism after the manner He taught and they called themselves followers of the Way and were known a Nazarenes by other Jews. It is not till the Roman empire takes over that things changed...

    3. Ieosus, aka "Jesus", is an anomia christ created by the Greco-Roman world to satisfy its political needs. The real Messiah was 100% Jewish and followed Torah the way it is supposed to be followed (without men's addition and interpretations). He did not come to do away with the same teachings He handed Moses as YHVH (behold the hand, behold the nail in Paleo Hebrew) but as Second Adam to pay the price of the penalty and curses due for Adam's transgression that we inherited. As Second Adam He took back the authority Adam handed the Adversary.
      Yeshua spilled His perfect blood (His blood without any mutations like Adam’s was BEFORE the fall) that He kept pure by not adjudicating to the Adversary like Adam did.

  2. go check out dr ben on youtube


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