Adam : The Origins Behind this Name and Its Hidden Meaning !!!


Sumerian God Marduk And Adam

From "Myths from Mesopotamia" by Stephanie Dalley, Epic of Creation, Marduk says,

"... Let me put blood together and bones too, let me set up primeval man: Man shall be his name...",
Sumerian God Marduk
"... The work of the gods shall be imposed on him..."

In Atra Hasis,
"... Nintu mixed clay, with her flesh and blood, they heard the drumbeat forever after, a ghost (soul) came into existence from the god’s flesh and she (Nintu) proclaimed it a living sign."

It is quite interesting to note that the meaning of the word Adam (אֶת-הָאָדָם) also quite mysterious mean ‘to show blood (in the face)’, it matches up with the use of blood here in both versions.

 Also the word bone used here is "is-si-im[tu]m" which corresponds to the Hebrew word "etzem"(bone) used in Genesis 2:23, in the phrase "etzem me-atzami", "bone of my bones."

In fact Sumerians clearly use the term ‘Adamu’while describing how SUmerian Gods actually created Adam and also mentioned the world E.DIN , another indication that the Hebrews scriber heavily borrowed their knowledge from ancient Sumerian civilisation.

 Bible clearly and very explicitly states that 'let us make man in our own image'. We have plural here. And it clearly tells us that this is a borrowing from much earlier sources i.e Sumerian civilization.

Robert Mascharan


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