The Joseph Riddle !!!


Joseph was 39 yrs when his father was 130 yrs old when he migrated to Egypt (Gen 41:46) that means  Jacob was 91yrs old when Joseph was born. Jacob would have been 108 when Joseph was sold by his brothers - since Joseph was 17 when sold. 
The problem is that our nomadic Torah scribers has described Benjamin not as a little child but rather as a  Father cum grandfather combo when he joined his brothers on their trip to Egypt.

In fact in Gen 46:21 we are clearly told about the ten sons of Benjamin who accompanied their father and Jacob on this trip to Egypt i.e Bela, Bechir, Ashbel, Gera, Naaman, Ehi, Rosh, Muppim, Huppim, and Ard. And Num 26:40  clarifies that Ard and Naaman were not actually Benjamin’s sons but rather grandsons.
So, a 39 year old Joseph could hardly address Benjamin as “My son ” if Benjamin was old enough to be his own father. 

You might argue that so what ? Does not prove anything. Pay attention and scrutinize closely :

·         Esau and Jacob were twin born and Esau was 40 years old when he married two foreign wives (Gen 26:34).

·         Jacob allegedly stole Easu’s blessings and fled to his uncle Laban. There he stayed for 20 years and had 11 sons (Genesis 31:38 - 41).

·         It is mentioned that before meeting his brother Esau, Jacob (60 yrs old) divided his children into three groups a) First, Concubine and her Children b) Leah and her Children c) Rachel and Joseph. Indicating that Joseph by that time had been born.

·         If Jacob was 130 yrs old when he migrated to Egypt, Joseph must have been roughly in the range of 75 (Assuming he was 5 yrs old), which runs in direct contravention of what Torah says that Joseph was 39 yrs old when he Jacob came to Egypt (Gen 41:46).

·         It is said that Rachel died while giving birth to Benjamin , when Jacob was 60 years old (Gen 35:16-20 and 48:7). Benjamin then would have been 65-70 years old when he went to Egypt with his brothers - at the time when Genesis account says that:

a) Benjamin is both father and grandfather (Gen 46:21)

b) His Older brother Joseph was actually 39 years old. What A Joke !!

The wider implications that emerge out of this blunder of historic proportion is that all of Genesis accounts are but forgeries and insertions by the lying scribers. That nothing like that ever happened.

We have already stated in previously that Joseph is nothing but a rip-off version of  Egyptian High-Priest Imhotep who went to G-d Khnum's temple and latter being pleased removed the famine from the Egypt.

Robert Mascharan !!!


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