Joseph And Imhotep !!!


Joseph  is a key figure in Bible , who became a vizier for an Egyptian pharaoh. Joseph was only 30yrs old when he became vizier and 44yrs old when he had saved Egypt and brought up all the land. He lived to the age of 110yrs and was given a royal Egyptian burial. 

The question we need to ask is why Bible is so silent about Josephs those 66 years?
The identity of Joseph in Egyptian history is debated, but some scholars identify him with Imhotep, who was the vizier during the Third Dynasty under Pharaoh Djoser.
There are many similarities between the profile of Joseph and Imhotep. Following is a brief  sketch of the similarities:
1. Second In Command Under Pharoah

1. Second In Command Under Pharoah

2. Lived till 110 Years

2. Lived Till 100 Years
3. Was A Great Archetect And A Builder

3. Great Architect And A Builder
4.Stored Up Corn During 7 Years Of Plenty

4.Stored Up Corn during 7 years Plenty
5.Saw Seven Years Of Famine – Fed People

5. Saw 7 Years Of Famine- Fed People
6.Interpreter Of Dream

6.Interpreter Of Dream
7.Zaphnath-paaneah -Over Physicians

7.Was A Physician
8.Instituted A Income Tax Of One Fifth

8.Instituted A Income Tax Of One Fifth
9.Married Into Priesthood Of On

9. Married Into Priesthood Of On
10.Knowledgable Of Astrology

10.Knowledgable Of Astrology
11.Overseer Of Public Works

11. Overseer If Public Work
12.Legendary History

12. Legendary HIstory
13.Was One Of Twelve Siblings

13. Was One Of Twelve Siblings

A statue of Imhotep in the Louvre.
 It must be noted that if the Joseph is same as Imhotep then its going to have some serious implications for Judaism's claim that YHWH revealed and relieved Famine, cause as per the Famine Stele It was Egyptian G-d Khnum who heard the prayers of Imhotep not YHWH


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