Did Benjamin Really Existed !!!


                                         Did Benjamin Really Existed

We are told in Torah that when Benjamin was around 32 yrs old, he along with his Sons and Grandsons and family migrated to Egypt to escape the warth of famine.
The problem is that even if we assume that Benjamin married at the age of 20 yrs, which is quite  early even by that time’s standard, Benjamin’s eldest son would be barely 12 yrs old when Benjamin took his family and migrated to Egypt along with his other brothers and his father.

So we are to being told by the lying scribers that at such a tender age of 12 yrs, Benjamin’s son not only married but also managed to give Grandson to his father Benjamin!

The wider ramifications that emerge out this bogus myth is that none of such fictitious figures ever existed. This mish-mash of  events clearly helps us derive certain precise logical deduction:

All the figures be it Benjamin, Joseph ,Jacob, Rachel or as the matter of fact, even Isaac are nothing but fictitious figures. They are invented and are the product of nomadic  scribers imagination going overboard. After all too much of anything is evil !

A very intriguing question often comes in mind as to what could be the reason behind such amature attempt towards manufacturing such fake stories? Why?
What could be the real motives behind that?

The answer to that question lies in the fact that our so called Hero Joseph is nothing but a rip off version of Egyptian High-Priest Imhotep. The Torah story is a direct borrowing from Egyptian sources.

Imhotep was the world's first named architect who built Egypt's first pyramid, and a vizier to Djoser ( 2630–2611 BC).

In fact, there are many astonishing parallels that run between this historical figure named Imhotep and our fictitious  Joseph, for example,

A] Both were second in command

B] Both lived till 110 yrs.

C] Both stored up corn during 7 yrs of plenty & saw seven years of famine - fed people

D] Both were interpreter of dreams.

E] Joseph was called Zaphnath-paaneah (preserver of life) physician servants and Imhotep was also a Physician.

F] Both were one of twelve siblings etc.

Imhotep  actually means “He who comes in peace ” and the name 'Jerusalem' means the “habitation of peace (shalom)”. The name 'Solomon' means. “peace-ful”.

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