The Forgotten Lunar Mysteries Of Yore !!!

  “Three things cannot be long hidden: the sun, the moon, and the truth.”
                                                                                                                  - Buddha
“Do not swear by the moon, for she changes constantly, then your love would also change.”

                                                                                   ― William ShakespeareRomeo and Juliet

Moses is traditionally described as the monotheist who is the bearer of the tablets of Yahweh's law. The name Moses itself was derived from Egyptian names like Thutmose, Ahmoses etc. meaning "Un-fathered Son Of  A Princess".

The Pharaoh's daughter Meroe, the wife of Chenephres was barren, and like all other Superhero stories of Virgin comics or Marvel comics, this theme of Infanticide plot of male Hapiru children  was a common theme even in ancient cultures. It is rehash of earlier myth  about Sargon of Akkad a millennium before:

My priestly mother conceived me, in secret she bore me. She set me in the basker of rushes. With bitumen she sealed my lid " (Time 14 Dec 98).

Egyptian G-d Horus was similarly described. In Hinduism also G-d Krishna has almost the same tragic birth story. So did Lord Buddha, Superman & Harry Potter etc.

What most people don’t know is the fact that Moses is nothing but a fictitious figure based upon the Astro-theological concept of ancient pagan religions, masquandering as the Sole representation of One-True G-d  Hashem.

It is very interesting to note that the word Sinai is made up of two Sumerian words which when broken reveals to us the hidden aspects of this whole story:

 Sin (Sumerian Moon God) And AI (Mountain),  together they mean “ The Mountain Of Moon G-d”. That’s why Jews have their celebration at the night after sun set. 
The name Aaron( Moses’s brother) itself means “High Mountain”.

Miriam, the sister of our  Moses whose name is actually a  title of a Sea GoddessMari-Anna”, celebrates when the Egyptians are swallowed in the Red Sea (Exodus 15:20). And we know that Moon has a very intimate link with high tides, specially on full Moon nights .

This whole story is nothing more than an alternate way of Exalting and praising the Moon G-d Sin in the code-words .
Astrological  texts reveals to us that Moon represents a person’s Mind. And the main feature of a Mind is WANDERING and RESTLESSNESS. And Torah clearly outlines that Moses along with Israelites kept wandering in desert for 40 years. Coincidence!! I doubt that.
Moon represents a watery sign called Cancer and  Moon also denotes Mother in astrology. In the life of Moses, he was picked up from the river (Watery Sign).
Being representative of Mother, Moon’s basics instincts are to nourish, preserve and to take care of little children. And Moses’s primary task was to take care of the needs of  Israelites and bring them safely to the promised land . He mediated with YHWH to rain Heavenly Manna for Israelites, an act of mother who nourishes the child. Pleading  on behalf of Israelite’s sins to preserve them from the warth of YHWH and occasionally blessing the congregation.

Cancer Sign makes a person hard on surface and soft from within (Crab Shell), and so was Moses which also happens to have helped him become a good administrator.
Cancer sign is represented by Crab, who can easily travel through water as in land. Moses took the Israelites through waters by spliting the Red Sea with great easy as he took them through desert.

Cancer sign and even the 4th House (Cancer by sequence) governs once’s House, property & land. And Moses’s whole ambition turned out to be reaching the Promised Land of Israel.

G-d Sin had a beard made of lapis lazuli and rode on a winged bullAccording to Astrology, Moon becomes exalted and shows full strength in the Taurus sign ( Bull Sign). And Moses when he came down from the Mount Sinai, seeing Israelites worshipping Bull Idol , brakes it and shows his full strength by destroying Idol-worshipping people via YHWH.

The weakness of Taurus sign is stubborn, self-discipline, depression. All of these traits we can find in Moses’s life theme , specially after the Bull worshipping incident (Exodus 32:8).
Taurus makes a person Possessive and Moses represented a Jeleaous and possessive G-d.
God Mercury

The term lay-vee-ee' or Levite means Serpent. Levi-athan  just  like Tiamat, became the dark forces of the underworld, or you can say the dark moon. The concept of the sabbath day itself is lunar.

Moses as a person fulfils the roles of both Sin (Moon), the God of Wisdom and Nabo (Mercury), the Heavenly Scribe. His journey in Sinai is a symbolic journey between the mountains of these two gods.




oses And Nabo (Mercury )

Mysteries shall speak to you and reveal their occult side and overwhelm you only when you are willing to go deep enough, have inquiring and seeking mind  and have the Iron determination to penetrate & delve deep where seldom one dares to venture.

how come Moses is linked with Nabo (Mercury)? Moses often carried with himself the serpent staff (Num 21:8), a characteristic of G-d Mercury. The serpent staff of magic he received in the epiphany of the burning bush (Exodus 4:4) strengthens this association.
Greek God Hermes Escorting Souls 

Now you may ask what is the connection between G-d Mercury and Serpent?
 Well the answer is that the Roman G-d Mercury is the revamped version of Greek G-d Hermes, messenger of the G-ds, inventor of (magical) incantations. This fits perfectly with our Moses, being the Messenger of YHWH and ability to magically turn water into Blood and staff  into snake.

The symbol of Hermes is Caduceus, a magical staff of Entwined serpents , often used in medical profession  denoting renewal, vitality and health. Do you remember how  in Desert wandering when Israelites were bitten by Fiery serpents Moses commanded them to look at the Copper serpent staff and everyone got healed (Num 21:8)?

Now you know why, because Moses was acting in his role of Hermes. Hermes is also derived from  karykeion = "Herald's staff ".  Do you see any connection between Moses and Hermes now ? Later in the 6-7th centuries before the present era, this G-d Mercury was much venerated,  by the Chaldeans as the names of Nabo-polassar and his son Nebuchadnezzar prove.
Quite interestingly, our mythical Moses also dies close to Mount Nabo in Moab. And I am not surprised, neither should you !
The truth is Greek G-d Hermes himself is nothing more than rehashed version of Ibis headed Egyptian G-d Thoth.

In fact one Babylonian text reads  "The god Ib is my god Yau " (Briffault 3:108).
God Thoth
Astrologically, Planet Mercury is associated with speech, and our Moses was the Mouth piece for the YHWH’s Speech and commands (Exodus 19:23).
Those learned in astrology will tell you that a well placed and adequate degree of Mercury makes a person intellectual, good at speech and very much interested in laws and technical nitty-gritty of any subject. They make good Lawyers due to excellent oratory and grip on legislatures.

We hardly have any doubt about Moses Speech prowess, specially after his complaint to YHWH about not being eloquent (Exodus 4:10) and YHWH subsequently assuring Moses  that he shall be with his mouth and teach what to say. Another deeply conceiled mystery we just cracked.

The job of Lawyers is to defend and plead on behalf of his client and we have seen so many times Moses pleading on behalf of Israelite’s ingratitude & sinful behavior.
Since Mercury has to do with Laws , we find Moses as the Chief Law giver who established code of conduct and gave instructions on purity and  sacrificial dos and don’ts.

Thoth became associated with the Moon, due to the Ancient Egyptian’s observation that Baboons (sacred to Thoth) 'sang' to the Moon at night.

Also, it should be noted the Mercury is the only planet which is closest to Sun.
Sun  = Royal families, Father, bloodlines, People in power, Gold, Politics.
So Moses being Mercury was the only child who managed to reach closest to Pharaoh’s contact via his Daughter, and was fathered by Pharoah himself, while all other Hebrew infants died and could not relish the fate as Moses did. According to Vedic astrology, Budha-Aditya Yog is made from the conjunction of  Sun and Mercury makes a native famous, proverbial, philanthropic, prowess and praiseworthy association .

Moses was incorporated in the Royal family (Sun Conjunction) and educated in royal etiquettes traditions and customs, taught royal science and lived a princely life (Sun’s influence to Mercury).
This Astrological combination gets extra-strength when they are  in Own sign, Exaltation sign or Friendly sign, then, it uplifts the life of the native with certainity.
Moses was, as noted above, was closely watched over by his Own sister (Own Sign) in Nile river.
Should we not assume than that  his own sister and blood mother must have horned his skills from the begining  to rise to glories and great riches , something which not even they were destined  for!
Now you may wonder as to why Moses represents both Moon and Mercury together?
To answer that question, we need to study Vedic origins of God Mercury. According to Atharva Veda, Tara, the wife of God Jupiter(Perceptor Of Gods), was attracted towards God Moon, who stole Tara for God Jupiter and made Tara pregnant with Mercury.
Later in the assembly of Gods, Tara confesses that Mercury is the child of God Moon. Since Mercury had the lusture of Moon (being his son), God  Jupiter was very much attracted towards Baby Mercury and fell in love with him and decided to adopt him to settle the matter.

Intellect (Mercury) is born out of imagination (Moon) and wisdom (Jupiter). So Mercury is legally fathered by Jupiter, but is the biological son of Moon.

According to Josephus (Antiquities of the Jews - II.9) our hero Moses cheerfully accepted, rallied the Egyptians and defeated the Ethiopians who had overrun the entire country. His victory included vanquishing a "multitude of serpents" with the "Ibes" bird.

If you only pay a particular attention to Moses's wife name, Zipporah which also means " Bird", the remaining fragments of doubt also vanishes soon.

What a coincidence! because in ancient Egyptian  mythology too the evil Seth, in the guise of a snake had bitten the infant Horus. He had been saved by Thoth – the Ibis headed G-d!
So the whole story of Moses is nothing but a rehash of ancient Egyptian mythology, where Horus (Egyptian G-d) was substituted with Egyptian kingdom.

In a truly fairy tale fashion, the Ethiopian princess saw Moses from the city wall, fell immediately in love, and brokered peace for marriage. And they all lived happily ever after. Funny!!


Horus And Moses: Similarities

          Life Events

1. Active Mother

In the Egyptian version, Osiris is dead.

In the Hebrew account, Mose’s father is mentioned in passing in Exodus 2:1, after which the role of the mother is highlighted.

2. Small vessel of reeds

Mothers construct a small vessel of reeds and place the baby in the marshland of the Delta.

Same as in the case of Horus.

3. Female relative spying

A female relative watches over the baby i.e Nephthys

A female relative watches over the baby i.e Moses’s sister.

4. Prominance of mother’s suckling

Isis’s nursing of the baby Horus is a prominent feature of Egyptian artwork, with many statues portraying this action.

Pharaoh’s daughter arranges for Moses’ mother to nurse the child.

5. Protection from the wicked machinations of the villain.

From Seth

From Pharaoh.

In The Name Of Humanity !!
Robert Mascharan 


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