The Serpent Chronicles - 4

                                    The Serpent Chronicles -4 

The serpent G-d  Nehebkau ("he who harnesses the souls") was the two-headed serpent deity who guarded the entrance to the underworld. He is often seen as the son of the snake goddess Renenutet.

Could this be the reason of why Ancient Hebrew scribers made YHWH curse Serpent that “dust shalt thou eat all the days of thy life.”(Gen 3:14) A hint  to the underworld?

Winged Serpents
Winged serpents were placed as guardians of King Tut's tomb (see image left). In Egyptian mythology the Feathered Serpent is most often associated with Rulers (Kings or Queens), usually as protectors or guardians.And our study has already confirmed that it was Sumerian Enki himself. The image is a symbol of his divine authority.

The mythological figure of the feathered serpent is depicted throughout North, Middle, and South America as early as Olmec times (1400 B.C). Toltecs portrayed the  serpent as Quetzalcóatl, the rival of Tezcatlipoca.

And our study confirms that all such signs has repeated  itself throughout  centuries, be it Greek God Zeus and Prometheus or in Judaism depicted as a fight between YHWH and Yam/leviathan.

Renenutet was a protective Snake-Goddess whose role evolved in unexpected ways over time.During the Old Kingdom, Renenutet was the guardian of the kings on earth and in the afterlife as the Uraeus. She spit fire on his enemies from her perch on his brow. In the Pyramid Texts, she was said to nourish the ka of the Pharoah

Renenutet was also a protector of the king's linen robe, and later the linen bandages that wrapped mummies. Later, she became associated with Buto, who became the premier Uraeus -Cobra.During the Ptolemaic period, she was renamed as Thermuthis by the Greeks.

Interestingly enough, according to the 1st century historian Josephus, Thermuthis is the name of Moses' Egyptian foster mother. Although the Bible simply calls her the "Daughter of Pharoah." But Why? What was the reason behind so much confidentiality? Ever wondered?

Well Folks, the pleasure is mine. Let me shed the light on this ancient mystery for the first time.
What is this one element which is common in almost every super hero’s birth? A dramatic and life threatening birth story, which threats their lives and their subsequent supernatural/miraculous preservation from death .As the future of humanity depends upon them cause they are destined to be the Saviours.

Take any example be it Sumerian king Sargon (Latter copied by Isarelites as Moses), to Buddha to Jesus to Superman .
But wait a minute, what is that got to do with our topic:Daughter of Pharoah( Moses’s Foster Mother)?                                                  

Well the hindu G-d Krishna bears quite a close similarity with our fictitious Moses. Meaning at the time of Krishna’s birth, same life threatening events took place and he was taken by his father via river route to a safe location away from the evil king who wanted to kill the baby Krishna.

God Vishnu
Krishna is the incarnation of Hindu God Vishnu who rests in the bed of Snakes 

So what your point in this “Bed of snakes  (Vishnu) and Snake-Mommy Thermuthis (Renenutet)?

Tell me what does a mother stands for? Nourishment..Preservation right? And God Vishnu is the Hindu god  of Preservation. So this Daughter of Pharoh was the foster Mommy of Mythical Moses providing nourishment and preserving his life from all the evils.

God Harry Potter 
Even our own Harry Potter was about to be sent to the house of Slytherin whose symbol   is of serpent but he chose Griffindor. Harry Potter can also understand &  communicate in the language of snakes.We all know that he was meant to kill “He who must not be named ” and save Hogwards School Of Witchcraft.                                      

So you see, how the  Serpent connection with Saviours is pretty common since time immemorial.

Even Jesus was meant to crush Serpent’s head.
I have often said and I would say it again , Ancient Hebrews were the Master Plagiarists. It’s not that easy to fool me. J

Robert Mascharan


  1. When things have got out off control , measures are taken that for some that dont make sense, and for others do, but are the only measures at that time avaliable , some time its opportunist measures that are taken, history can be read as such, allways leaving whys buts and ifs a log of injustices,roses trodden apon without care, christ was one of these such measures for things where out of control, in this light it is wrong to say christ is an imposter christ was the measure of those times , it was thrue christ that the evil god men warriors where defeated,but today new measures are needed and being put into place,such is life , out of this kaos alliances are formed to reconform to the triump of loves manifestaion on earth ,


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