Hebrew Diety YHWH And His Pagan Roots !!!

God Zeus
         The fictitious Jewish G-d "Yaweh/Jehova's" name was inserted, replacing the names of many Gentile/Pagan Gods. It was stolen from the Roman God "Jove." Jehova or Ieue,  of the Jews was the Jove of the Latins and Etruscans. YHWH/IEUE was additionally the Egyptian Sun God Ra. Ra was the father in heaven, who has the title of 'Huhi' the eternal, from which the Hebrews derived the name 'Ihuh.'

We can also see where the antagonistic story of Zeus (Jove) and Prometheus was used to promote the concept of a rebellious God who was condemned and ostracized for bringing knowledge to humanity.
God Prometheus Chained
The Old Gods who were the Original Gods were labeled as "evil" in order to establish the supreme monotheism of YHWH.                                                                                                            

Even kabalah is not Jewish in origin. It is an alteration of  Egyptian "KA- BA - ANKH."

Ka- Represented by two upraised arms as the individual's "vital force. Also copied in the depiction of Cherub in the Ark Of Covenant.
Ba-  Is the soul. The soul has no relation to the image of the body as it reincarnates from body to body throughout the lifetimes.

Ank- Is the life force; the aura, the "light body.

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