A Stolen Legacy Of Paganism!!!


                                                Goddess   Brigantia

 Celtic goddess of fertility, valour, metal-working and healing. Female acolytes maintained a perpetual fire in her honour and her festival – 1st February ('Imbolc') – celebrated the sun's return and arrival of spring.

In the early 9th century a  monk, Cogitosus, revamped the our  old goddess fables into the Christian 'St Brigid' (aka 'Bridget, Bride etc) – a miracle-working abbess, partnered by 'St Conleth' (a craftsman in metal).


 An iconic device to reinforce, by proxy, devotion to the Blessed Virgin Mary herself.Miracles included ever-lasting food from her larder and turning her bath water into beer for visiting clerics! Nuns at Kildare kept an ever-burning fire until forbidden in 1220. Festival for the saint –  1st February.
Career Move Saw Her re-emerge as
"Brigid, Mary Of The Gael"

Note:In 1960, even the Roman Catholic church conceded the deceit and removed Bridget's sainthood.

Goddess Sinann

Goddess Sinann
St. Senan
The Celtic goddess from  whom the river Shannon is named, and revered particularly by the coastal tribe of Corcu Baiscinn. She was believed to be a slayer of sea-monsters. A sanctuary for existed on the island of Inis-Cathaig.


In a 9th century her career in Hollywood saw an unprecedented rise and she  re-emerged as a man, titled 'St Senan', with a biography extending over 150 years. He was credited with numerous miracles, including vanquishing a (sea) monster and with establishing a monastery – you guessed it – on the island of Inis-Cathaig.

In The Name Of Humanity !!!
Robert Mascharan


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