The Mystery Of Generations of the Heavens And Earth!!!


These are the generations of the heavens and of the earth when they were created, in the day that the LORD God made the earth and the heavens ...”- Gen. 2:4

The phrase “Generations of” appears 11 times in the Book of Genesis, but in the other 10 instances it refers to stories about members of a family, such as in “the generations of Noah” or “Jacob.” This indicates that the noun or nouns following after the words “generations of” refer to a parent or parents.

Genesis 2:4, therefore, implies that “heavens and the earth” are Anthropomorphic beings with children, and is about family of these two entities.
God Shu Lifting Heaven (Nut)
Our scrutiny would immediately reveal that the above quoted verse of Torah is nothing but a Paganistic inspiration derived by our anonymous Hebrew Scriber/s under the disguise of Pseudo-Monotheism.
On the 2ndday of Creation, god placed a firmament in the primeval waters, separating the waters above from the waters below. The firmament was called Heaven. Then he gathered the waters below into a single place and created dry land called the Earth.
This arrangement of events on 2nd day is a very close parallel to the Egyptian Heliopolitan Creation myth. Let's investigate:

According to Egyptian myths ,
a great hill arose out of the primeval flood. This hill would constitutes a form of firmament. In some traditions that hill itself was Atum, the Creator deity.
Goddess Tefnut
Atum, through the self-indulgent lascivious acts , brought forth two deities, Shu and Tefnut, representing “air” and “moisture”. These two deities gave birth to the male deity Geb, who represented the “earth”, and the female deity Nut, who represented the “heavens”.

Egyptian artifacts depicts Shu(Air) as lifting Nut(Heavens) into the air and separating her from Geb(Earth). Nun and Geb, the children of the god Shu (Air) and goddess Tefnut (Moisture), were born locked together in a tight embrace.                                                                               The G-d Ra ordered Shu(Air) to separate them, so Shu (Air)held his daughter high above the earth, creating room between Nut(Heaven) and Geb(Earth) for other creatures to live.  Shu(Air), therefore, becomes the firmament between Heaven and Earth.
Father G-d Shu Separating His Children Brother-Sister Geb and Nut

Now compare it with much later renderings of  Genesis 1:
7And God made the firmament, and divided the waters which [were] under the firmament from the waters which [were] above the firmament: and it was so."                                                                              
It comes as no surprise to us as to why ancient Israelites were so inclined towards worshipping “Hosts of Sky” or “Queen Of Heaven”. Because they knew the truth all along that ultimately their own so-called Monotheism is nothing but a rehash of pagan myths , served  in a different  plate with a different name yet retaining the same  original taste, cause it followed the same  Book.

Robert Mascharan


  1. Can you please let us know where the statue of the Goddess Tefnut is from, and where is she now, any museum?? Thanks a lot!

  2. Hi!!

    There are many statues of Goddess Tefnut.The large statue of the Goddess Tefnut was situated in the inner sanctum of the Egyptian temple around Leontopolis.



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