The Serpent Chronicles-3


                                          Nachash And Nehebu-kau Connection

The word for "snake" in Hebrew is "Nachash", whose root has multiple definitions. One of Enki’s Sumerian epithets was BUZUR; it meant both "He who solves secrets" and "He of the mines," for the knowledge of mineralogy was considered knowledge of Earth’s secrets, the secrets of its dark depths.

Moses too fashioned Nahash Nehoshet(Copper Serpent) to stop the epidemic that was afflicting the Israelites during the Exodus; and our analysis leaves no doubt that by that he intended to summon divine intervention of G-d Enki , as it was an emblem of Enki.
The combination of biology with mineralogy and with the ability to solve secrets reflected Enki’s status as the God of knowledge and sciences, of the Earth’s hidden metals; he was the one who set up the mining operations in southeastern Africa.

A passage in II Kings 18:4 reveals that this copper serpent, had been kept in the Temple of Yahweh in Jerusalem for almost 700 years uninterrupted , until the time of King Hezekiah. Coincidence?

Have you ever wondered why did an almighty YHWH needed to resort to an idol of serpent to heal the wandering Hebrews? Why he could’nt  just heal them with mere click of fingers. I am sure an almight G-d who can split Red sea into two for crossing , such a feat is mere child’s play.  

I have asked this question  trillion times and no one gives any answer seems to know, guess they don’t teach critical thinking in Synagogues. I deeply fear that there are some other reasons too that need to be taken into consideration. I feel that the instincts for ruthless pursuit of nothing but the truth ,an unbiased mind , piercing discrimination , evidence gathering- scenario envisioning wit , analytical mind and many such qualities which  are simply  beyond the scope of organized religions who are just happy with their sheep followers. They don’t possess adequate research and penetrating insight to solve the hidden enigmas via independent scrutiny and investigation. Their only estasy lies  in maintainance & continued upwards congregational demographics  
Nehebu-kau is Egyptian Serpent Diety. In early depictions, he is fully serpentine, while later on he appears with a human body and a snake head. One version has him as  son of Selkis (Serket), a scorpion goddess, which emphasizes his later role of restoring the  health of those who have been bitten by scorpions and other venomous creatures.  However  another version renders him as son of Geb and the snake goddess Renenutet.  Perhaps this is  the earlier one, for he would have inherited the nourishing aspects of his mother, who was known as “She who nourishes”.

He’s a powerful G-d, not subject to magic, nor can he be harmed by water or fire. That precisely the reason why our Fictitious YHWH needed to first of all send a entirely imaginative serpent who is fiery in nature straight out of Marvel Comic Books
J and later create a scenario with equally fictitious figure (Read: Moses) to invoke the presence of Nehebu-kau.When the  reciter of the Book of the Dead spell declares, “I pass eternity like Nehebu-kau”, no doubt he is referring to his eternal invulnerable nature.
Nehebu-kau is known for the ‘seven  cobras’  he swallowed, another plagiaristic attempt of Hebrews of how Moses ‘s Stick turned snake swallowed Pharoah’s snakes.  Jeremy Naydler in "Temple of the Cosmos" also gives him title "Provider of  Life-Energies" (page 36).

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