The Serpent Chronicles-2


                                     Unleashing The Ancient Serpent God : Ea 

Many aspects of the Sumerian texts suggest that it was G-d Ea who was physically intimate with his created Female-Humans . In the original Sumerian version the "serpent" was Ea. His emblem was ‘entwined serpents’   which is still used in medical science ; it was the symbol of his cult center Eridu.

 And the idea that the Serpent of the Garden of Eden, is in fact a representation of the Sumerian G-d “Ea”  seems to be hinted in Genesis 3:1 itself -"
Now the serpent was more crafty than any living creature of the field..

The eminent Assyriologist Georges Roux also points out the historic connection between Ea and the art of writing:

"Ea, the tutelary god of Eridu, was above all the G-d of intelligence and wisdom, the 'broad-eared one who knows all that has a name.' He stood as the initiator and protector of arts and crafts, of science and literature, the patron of the magicians, the Great Teacher and the Great Superintendent who, having organized the world created by Enlil, assured its proper functioning." [Ancient Iraq, Georges Roux, 1964, p.95]

Thus it becomes evident that control over the ‘craft’ of writing meant power and knowledge from the very beginning, when individual kingdoms first appeared, politics and religion were closely connected .

On Closer examination we find that it is truly remarkable that the verb Nachash always means to enchant, fascinate, bewitch; or of one using occult knowledge.

Ea is the Sumerian G-d of the sweet fertilising waters of the deep, patron of all crafts, magickal wisdom.
He is the one who can think, plan and organize, as well as advise and use Wide
 “Ea is the Image Fashioner, the one who gives shape to all, a power that makes him the patron of artists and crafts persons.” [ Treasures of Darkness, By Thorkild Jacobsen, Yale University Press, 1976, London, New Heaven].
Ea  aligns with humankind outwitting Enli (Read: YHWH) in the Flood myth, a paradox of Bible now resolved.

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