The Serpent Chronicles -1

I shall put enmity between thy seed and her Seed  
                                                                                                 ­­­- (Genesis 3:15)

One of my favourite topics, the Serpent indeed holds a deep enigma, since the dawn of Human civilization this highly uncanny figures have often cropped up and deeply fascinated everyone and as such this clandestine-esoteric entity needs to be dealt with & scrutinized in a unbiased manner.

This verse   says " OFFSPRING "which in Hebrew is ‘Zera it means Physical Decendants & not spiritual(B’nim) as some apologist often claim it to be .So it indicates that the serpent is supposed to have or was going to have physical OFFSPRING .

And also 1 John 3:12 ..."
Do not be like Cain, who BELONGED to the evil one ......"

In this verse Jesus plainly said that the devil had a child and so a lineage .Now think about it for a did the devil Have  children when there were only Adam and Eve and the Serpent in  Eden? To have a Physical Child who would be crushed by heel of Man, a physical wife is needed ( Common sense

The doctrine that Eve mated with the serpent, to produce Cain also appears in early Gnostic writings such as the Gospel of Philip. Now let’s see what Zohar has to tell us about this whole highly embaressing situation :

Two beings [Adam and Nachash] had intercourse with Eve, and she conceived from both and bore two children. Each followed one of the male parents, and their spirits parted, one to this side and one to the other, and similarly their characters. On the side of Cain are all the haunts of the evil species; from the side of Abel comes a more merciful class, yet not wholly beneficial -- good wine mixed with bad." ( Zohar 136)

Now let’s see what  the Jewish Talmud says:-

Yebamoth, 103a-1O3b-"
When the serpent copulated with Eve he infused her with lust."

Haye Sarah 126b - "
You rightly said that when the serpent had carnal intercourse with Eve he injected into her defilement."

Now,let’s also check the following  statements from Jewish writings:

a)Shabbath 146a--"For
when the serpent came upon Eve he injected lust into her."

b) Yevamot 103b -"...
at the time that the snake had intercourse with Eve, he introduced filth into her.”

The Bahir, a Kabbalistic text, states: "
The serpent followed Eve, saying, 'Her soul comes from the north, and I will therefore quickly seduce her.' And how did he seduce her? He had intercourse with her." (Bahir 199)

The Slavonic Book of Baruch, xcvii, says
“ the serpent had infused lust into the fruit, and when Eve ate it sexual desire was awakened in her.”

Notice the words of Bible John 8:44 Jesus very plainly says..." Ye are of your father the devil, and the lusts of your father ye will do. He was a murderer from the beginning "

Who was a murderer?... think about it for a minute...who committed the  first murder in the bible??...CAIN did. And who was the father of Cain ???..Certainly not  Adam.
Now let’s scrutinize with microscope even further for the additional evidences:-

In Gen 3:3 Eve says-“
But of the fruit of the tree which [is] in the midst of the garden, God hath said, Ye shall not eat of it, neither shall ye touch it, lest ye die.”
The Hebrew word for ‘Touch’ is ‘Naga’ which coincidently also means to lie with a woman. Why would G-d say that to a tree ?
Now the word Tree in Hebrew Concordance [H6086] is`ets   ates’ meaning  a tree (from its firmness) hence Wood.

 It  would points  you to H6095 (atsah) which says a very interesting stuff: to fasten  i.e. to close (the eyes) . Also there is a  sister word to that in H6096 (atseh)  meaning : the spine (as giving firmness to the body). It can’t be a Tree. How can by merely touching a Tree one can die ?
In Isaiah 61:3 YHWH calls Humans Trees also. So now we know that the Tree they are talking about is actually Serpent. So YHWH tells Eve don’t have sex with him. When YHWH comes , did they close Mouth with mask or nakedness? They actually closed their Genitals from the Fig leaves to cover their nakedness.

Hebrew used the word “ nachash” for Serpent. It comes from the primitive root meaning to whisper a magic spell or to tell future [Concordance H5172]. It is a very important clue to this enigma .

 In Chaldee it means copper, because of its shining.  Hence  the word Nehushtan, a piece of brass (in 2Kin 18:4).
Also in Num 21:8 YHWH says "Make thee a fiery serpent" it means  a seraph from their copper color. Read “The Nachash and His Seed by Michael S. Heiser for more details.

Gen 3:1 says “serpent was more subtle than any beast”. Well in Hebrew the word used is  “Chay” which denotes aliving creaturewhich is mistranslated  as a Beast (Heb: zoa). Thus, Serpent  is spoken of as "more wise than any other living creature .

Note: 1. We cannot conceive Eve holding   a conversation with a snake, but we can understand her being fascinated by one, apparently a " Shining Being" , possessing superior and supernatural knowledge.

2. It is strange how a serpent could ever speak without the organs of speech, or the Serpent be accomplishing a miracle   greater  than even YHWH when Latter opened the mouth of Balaam’s Ass. J

Robert Mascharan!!!


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