Gobekli Tepe


                                                                                   Gobekli Tepe

World's oldest temple Gobekli Tepe located in modern Turkey is staggeringly ancient. Carbon dating of organic matter adhering to the megaliths shows that it was built around 10,000–9,000 BCE.

Which according to Klaus Schmidt of Deutsches Archäologisches Institut(DAI) means :
“A time when people all over the world were still living as hunter-gatherers, except in the region of the Fertile Crescent of the Near East, where people had started to settle in permanent villages and begin activities which led to the domestication of plants and animals.”

The pillars are made from a very hard and quite crystalline limestone.
But if creation of humans which as per Torah traditions happened around 4004 BCE, how come we have Humans living in Turkey from such an ancient times building sculptures and temples?


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