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                                                          Goddess Lilith

When studying the various teachings in the Talmud about demons, one immediately discovers references to the name Lilith. Lilith is equated with a "first Eve", the feminine dark side of the divine and goddesses such as Isis, Astarte, the Black Madonna or Queen of Demons and other false gods.

Jewish "LILITH Magazine" in its article "All you ever Wanted to Know about Lilith" stated:

"Commentators have often translated "lilith" as "night-monster," associating the name with layil, the Hebrew word for night; thus, Rabbi Hanina forbids men to sleep alone in a house at night lest they fall prey to her (Shabbat 151b).

From the 4 specific references to Lilith in the Babylonian Talmud, we learn only that she is a wild-haired and winged creature with nymphomaniac tendencies (Erubin 100b, Niddah 24b, Shabbat 151b); and the mother of demons (Bava Batra 73a ).

Now lets see what Hebrew Bible has to say about this mythical Goddess , Isaiah 34:14:

The wild creatures of the desert shall meet with the jackals, the goat demon shall call to his fellow, the lilith shall also repose there and find for herself a place of rest.

  King James Bible makes no reference to Lilith or Goat Demon ,commentators  often translated "lilith" as "night monster,". Now lets see what our Babylonian Talmud says about Goddess Lilith:

1. Rabbi Jeremia ben Eleazer said, "During those years (after their expulsion from the Garden) in which Adam, the first man Was separated from Eve, he became the father of ghouls and demons and lilin."(b. Erubuin 18b)

2. “Lilith growing long hair; B. Nidda 24b refers to Lilith as a demoness with a human appearance except that she has wings"( Section b. Erubin 100b)

3."One may not sleep alone in a house, for Lilith takes hold of whoever sleeps alone in the house."(Shab. 151b)

4. Baba Bathra 73-b continues with:"Rabba bar bar Hana said, " I once saw Hormin, a son of Lilith, running on the battlements of Mahoza…. When the demonic government heard of it, they killed him [for showing himself]."

In Jewish lore, Lilith is a female spirit of the night who, like a succubus seduces men while they are sleeping, causing them to emit semen which she takes to breed children of her own; she also strangles human infants during or after their birth. Her female offspring are called Lilim.

Question is what is the origin of this Hebrew Entity? The Akadian "lilitu," means a female spirit wind. According to ancient Sumerian history, Lilith is a wind spirit of the great Goddess Ninlil, Queen of Heaven. Lilith's flower was the Lily and the Magical Lotus.

Throughout history Lilith was the one who would not submit. Passed down from Sumeria, the Hittite Empire, Babylon to other Semitic peoples, she became the archetype of the dangerous woman who refuses submission.

You shall be astonished  to find that Talmud, Zohar, and other Hebrew texts have centered upon Lilith as the one who rejected  Adam in the Garden of Eden. Genesis holds 2 tales of creation, the first in Genesis 1 tell that male and female were created simultaneously out from the older view of Mother Earth and Father Sky.

This first woman in Hebrew tradition is held as Lilith. She demanded equality, and to co-rule. She refused submission sexually, went to the center of the Garden and spoke the 'Ineffable Name of God', protecting her and allowing her to depart Eden. Adam complained.

I hope we all have watched Star World Supernatural Series where Goddess Lilith seduces Sam  ..

In The Name Of Humanity!!!

Robert Mascharan


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