Christianity : A Layer By Layer Scrutiny !!!

According to Mark, Christ was a man; according to Matthew and Luke, he was a demigod; while John insists that he was God himself. . We are told that Mark was written some time after the year 70, Luke about 110, Matthew about 130, and John not earlier than 140 A.D
The first historical mention of the Gospels of Matthew, Mark and Luke, was made by the Christian Father, St. Irenaeus, about the year 190 A.D{Funny, Seriously}. The only earlier mention of any of the Gospels was made by Theopholis of Antioch, who mentioned the Gospel of John in 180 A.D. There is absolutely nothing to show that these Gospels—the only sources of authority as to the existence of Christ—were written until a hundred and fifty years after the events they pretend to describe.
    Christ is supposed to have been a Jew, and his disciples are said to have been Jewish fishermen. His language, and the language of his followers must, therefore, have been Aramaic—the popular language of Palestine in that age. But the Gospels are written in Greek—every one of them. Nor were they translated from some other language. Every leading Christian scholar since Erasmus, four hundred years ago, has maintained that they were originally written in Greek. This proves that they were not written by Christ's disciples, or by any of the early Christians.
Interestingly, foreign gospels, written by unknown men, in a foreign tongue, several generations after the death of those who are supposed to have known the facts—such is the evidence relied upon to prove that Jesus lived.
 The oldest Gospels that we have are supposed to be copies of copies of copies that were made from those Gospels. We do not know who made these copies; we do not know when they were made; nor do we know whether they were honestly made. Between the earliest Gospels and the oldest existing manuscripts of the New Testament, there is a blank gulf of three hundred years. It is, therefore, impossible to say what the original Gospels contained.
There were many Gospels in circulation in the early centuries, and a large number of them were forgeries. Among these were the "Gospel of Paul," the Gospel of Bartholomew," the "Gospel of Judas Iscariot," the "Gospel of the Egyptians," the "Gospel or Recollections of Peter," the "Oracles or Sayings of Christ," and scores of other pious productions, a collection of which may still be read in "The Apocryphal New Testament."
Dean Milman, the standard Christian historian, says: "Pious fraud was admitted and avowed." The Rev. Dr. Giles writes: "There can be no doubt that great numbers of books were then written with no other view than to deceive."
The early church was flooded with spurious religious writings. From this mass of literature, our Gospels were selected by priests and called the inspired word of God.
Were these Gospels also forged? If Christ was an historical character, why was it necessary to forge documents to prove his existence?
Let us see what the Gospels can tell us about the life of Jesus.Two Dudes called Matthew and Luke give us the story of his genealogy. How do they agree? Matthew says there were forty-one generations from Abraham to Jesus. Luke says there were fifty-six. Yet both pretend to give the genealogy of Joseph, and both count the generations! Nor is this all. The Evangelists disagree on all but two names between David and Christ{Shame Shame}. These worthless genealogies show how much the New Testament writers knew about the ancestors of their hero.
Birth Of Jesus
When was he born? Matthew says he was born when Herod was King of Judea. Luke says he was born when Cyrenius was Governor of Syria.                    
       He could not have been born during the administration of any of these two rulers for Herod died in the year 4 B.C., and Cyrenius, who, in Roman history is Quirinius, did not become Governor of Syria until ten years later. Herod and Quirinius are separated by the whole reign of Archelaus, Herod's son. Between Matthew and Luke, there is, therefore, a contradiction of at least ten years, as to the time of Christ's birth.
Antonmaria Lupi, a learned Jesuit, wrote a work to show that the nativity of Christ has been assigned to every month in the year, at one time or another.
King Herod’s killing Of Infants
Another prophecy related to the birth of Jesus is the claim that the Messiah would be born at a time when King Herod was killing children. Only the gospel of Matthew (2:16-18) makes this claim, quoting a prophecy of Jeremiah (31:15) which states that "A voice was heard in Ramah, weeping and great mourning, Rachel weeping for her children; and she refused to be comforted, because they were no more."
There are two problems with this alleged messianic prophecy:
1} It is not a prophecy about children being killed. No historian even like Josephus or Philo ever mentioned such a horrendous crime of slaughter of infants by Herod.
2}"Rachel weeping for her children" refers to the mother of Joseph and Benjamin (and wife of Jacob) weeping about her children taken captive to Egypt. Lets check following verses of Jeremiah:
 Verse 16:”Thus says the Lord- Refrain your voice from weeping,And your eyes from tears, For your work shall be rewarded,says the Lord.And they shall come back from the Land of the enemy
Verse 17: “There is hope in your future ,says the Lord, That your children shall come back to their  own borders”.
In context, the verse is about the Babylonian captivity, which its author witnessed. Christians use dirty tricks by just plucking one or two verses from an entire chapter and starts applying them onto a mythical creature called Jesus Christ. This trick is no longer going to work (Not atleast with me).

Jesus And Egyptian Connection

Matthew goes on to claim that to evade Herod's murders, Jesus was taken as a child to Egypt. This is done, according to Matthew 2:15, in order "that what was spoken by the Lord through the prophet might be fulfilled, saying, 'Out of Egypt did I call my son.'{Hosea 11:1}. It is not a messianic prophecy at all. Lets scrutinize following verses of Hosea Prophet:
Verse 2:”As they called them , So they went from them;They sacrificed to baals, And burned insence to carved images
Verse 5: “He shall not return to the land of Egypt; But Assyrian shall be his king, Because they refused to repent”. Same Dirty trick is used by Gospel scribers to give existence to fictitious and imaginery Jesus Christ .It is a reference to the Exodus of the Jews from Egypt.
Folk, the whole New Testament is actually filled with such lies and fabrications to establish a Diety that never even existed. And in that process Gospel inventor Chruch fathers under the auspices of Pope, created a new God Jesus by scratching one verse from here and one verse from somewhere else and viola!! Its called Yeshu the prophecied Messiah about whom Prophets wrote centuries ahead inspired by Holy Ghost.
Birth Place
 According to the Gospels, he was habitually called "Jesus of Nazareth." The New Testament writers have endeavored to leave the impression that Nazareth of Galilee was his home town. But Matthew declares that he was born in Bethlehem in fulfillment of a prophecy in the Book of Micah.
But the prophecy of Micah has nothing whatever to do with Jesus; it prophesies the coming of a military leader, not a divine teacher. Matthew's application of this prophecy to Christ strengthens the suspicion that his Gospel is not history, but romance.
Luke has it that his birth occurred at Bethlehem, where his mother had gone with her husband, to make the enrollment called for by Augustus Caesar. Of the general census mentioned by Luke, nothing is known in Roman history. But suppose such a census was taken. The Roman custom, when an enrollment was made, was that every man was to report at his place of residence. The head of the family alone made report. In no case was his wife, or any dependent, required to be with him. In the face of this established custom, Luke declares that Joseph left his home in Nazareth and crossed two provinces to go Bethlehem for the enrollment; and not only this, but that he had to be accompanied by his wife, Mary, who was on the very eve of becoming a mother. The story of his birth in the royal city is plainly fictitious. His home was Nazareth. He was called "Jesus of Nazareth"; and there he is said to have lived until the closing years of his life
Nazareth City
 Was there a city of Nazareth in that age? The Encyclopaedia Biblica, a work written by theologians, the greatest biblical reference work in the English language, says:
 "We cannot perhaps venture to assert positively that there was a city of Nazareth in Jesus' time."
The city of his birth and youth and manhood existed, so far as we know, only on the map of mythology. What amazing evidence to prove the reality of a Divine man! Absolute ignorance as to his ancestry; nothing whatever known of the time of his birth, and even the existence of the city where he is said to have been born.
After his birth, Christ, as it were, vanishes out of existence, and with the exception of a single incident recorded in Luke, we hear absolutely nothing of him until he has reached the age of thirty years. The account of his being found discussing with the doctors in the Temple at Jerusalem when he was but twelve years old, is told by Luke alone. The other Gospels are utterly ignorant of this discussion; and, this single incident excepted, the four Gospels maintain an unbroken silence with regard to thirty years of the life of their hero. What is the meaning of this silence? Wait a minute !! I thought that Disciples of Jesus were with Jesus in his ministry & meeting Jesus’s mother Mary and his other brothers and sisters right? Still they are ignorant?
If he was the greatest teacher the world has known, if he came to save mankind from everlasting pain—was there nothing worth remembering in the first thirty years of his existence among men?
The story of the discussion with the doctors in the Temple is proved to be mythical by all the circumstances that surround it. The statement that his mother and father left Jerusalem, believing that he was with them; that they went a day's journey before discovering that he was not in their company; and that after searching for three days, they found him in the Temple asking and answering questions of the learned Doctors, involves a series of tremendous improbabilities. Add to this the fact that the incident stands alone in Luke, surrounded by a period of silence covering thirty years; add further that none of the other writers have said a word of the child Jesus.
The Ministry
How long did the ministry, the public career of Christ, continue? According to Matthew, Mark and Luke, the public life of Christ lasted about one year. If John's Gospel is to be believed, his ministry covered about three years.
        The Synoptics{Matthew,Mark,Luke} teach that Christ's public work was confined almost entirely to Galilee, and that he went to Jerusalem only once, not long before his death. John is in hopeless disagreement with the other Evangelists as to the scene of Christ's labors. He maintains that most of the public life of Christ was spent in Judea, and that Christ was many times in Jerusalem.These all contradiction are happening despite the fact that all four are supposed to be Jesus Disciples and were with him each moment. 
Temple Purification: John tells us that the driving of the money-changers from the Temple occurred at the beginning of Christ's ministry; and nothing is said of any serious consequences following it. But Matthew, Mark and Luke declare that the purification of the Temple took place at the close of his career, and that this act brought upon him the wrath of the priests, who sought to destroy him. That’s why Encyclopedia Biblica assures us that the order of events in the life of Christ, as given by the Evangelists, is contradictory and untrustworthy; that the chronological framework of the Gospels is Worthless.
In other words, Matthew, Mark, Luke and John wrote, not what they knew, but what they imagined.
Judah Ischariot’s Betrayal
 Jesus is said to have been many times in Jerusalem. It is said that he preached daily in the Temple. He was followed by his twelve disciples, and by multitudes of enthusiastic men and women.
  All this shows that he must have been well known. Why, then, was it necessary for the priests to bribe one of his disciples to betray him? Only an obscure man, whose identity was uncertain, or a man who was in hiding, would need to be betrayed. Because to make sound like Prophecy . Two verses taken as prophecies of betrayal by a friend are Psalms 41:9 and Psalms 55:12-14, the former of which reads, "Even my close friend, in whom I trusted, who ate my bread, has lifted up his heel against me." Both are psalms which speak of feelings of pain from being betrayed by a close and trusted friend. Yet Jesus already had foreknowledge of his betrayal by Judas (John 13:21-26), and so must not have trusted him. When the gospel of John (13:18) quotes from Psalms 41:9, it tacitly admits this problem by omitting the phrase "in whom I trusted." Neither verse from the Hebrew scriptures gives any indication of being intended as prophetic either
Also Matthew 26:14-15 states that Judas Iscariot was paid thirty pieces of silver by the Jewish priests as payment for his betrayal. Matthew 27:9-10 claims that this is done to fulfill a prophecy of Jeremiah.
“Then that which was spoken through Jeremiah the prophet was fulfilled, saying, "And they took the thirty pieces of silver for the price of the one whose price had been set by the sons of Israel; and they gave them for the potter's field, as the Lord directed me." Matthew 26:14-15.
The problem here is that the quoted verse appears nowhere in the book of Jeremiah.  The other day I was really laughing when I read the above non-existing verse and it’s fallacy.
There is a verse which is quite similar in the book of Zechariah, but there the prophet Zechariah is speaking about himself and no betrayal is involved.
 Christian apologists tries to resolve this problem by citing various verses in Jeremiah which refer to
 "the prophet purchasing a field in Anathoth for 17of shekels  “(32:6-9)
The prophet as watching a potter fashioning earthenware vessels in his house”{ 18:2}
 Because Jeremiah 32:9 says seventeen shekels, not thirty is again a proof that Jesus Betrayal by Judas Iscariot is a Fallacy.
Now Let’s see what Zecharia has to say:
And I said to them, "If it is good in your sight, give me my wages; but if not, never mind!" So they weighed out thirty shekels of silver as my wages. Then the Lord said to me, "Throw it to the potter, that magnificent price at which I was valued by them." So I took the thirty shekels of silver and threw them to the potter in the house of the Lord ”{ Zechariah 11:12-13}.
Again, this is Zechariah speaking of his own experience rather than a messianic prophecy. But Matthew 27:5-7 tries to fulfill this non-prophecy by telling a story of Judas Iscariot throwing his payment into the temple before committing suicide, after which the priests use the money to buy a potter's field.
But Problem does’nt  end in this much only as  Acts 1:18-19 says that Judas himself, rather than the priests, bought a field with the (unspecified amount of) money earned by his betrayal.
Enigmatic Origins Of Cross
The use of the cross as a religious symbol in pre-Christian times, and among non-Christian peoples, may probably be regarded as almost universal, and in very many cases it was connected with some form of nature worship."
The Encyclopedia Britannica, 11th edition

Assyrian King Wearing Cross
Although a stake called a stauros (the Greek term used in the earliest Bible writings but where English versions incorrectly translate it to "cross") got used to execute criminals, there exists not a shred of evidence that a Biblical stauros describes a cross or even a T-shape. Regardless of whether you believe the cross as mythical or think it comes from the Bible, you will find nothing describing Jesus' execution with outstretched arms or nailed to a cross-like frame. Just check and see the word 'cross' wherever it appears in the Bible and check the Greek version and see for yourself.
At the close of the 8th century, Pope Hadrian I, confirming the decree of the sixth Synod of Constantinople, commanded that thereafter the figure of a man should take the place of a lamb on the cross. It took Christianity eight hundred years to develop the symbol of its suffering Savior. For eight hundred years, the Christ on the cross was a lamb. But if Christ was actually crucified, why was his place on the cross so long usurped by a lamb?
The fact that during the first 800 years of the evolution of Christianity, Christian art represented a lamb, and not  a man, as suffering on the cross for the salvation of the world? Neither the paintings in the Catacombs nor the sculptures on Christian tombs pictured a human figure on the cross.  Some figures showed the lamb with a human head, shoulders and arms, holding a cross in his hands—the lamb of God in process of assuming the human form—the crucifixion myth becoming realistic. 
The first known conception of a Christian cross as a physical symbol began with Constantine's supposed 4th century conversion as a Christian. He allegedly had a miraculous vision in the sky of a cross composed of light with the inscription, "By this conquer." The Church father, Eusebius, described that, at night after his vision, Constantine dreamt that God commanded him to make a likeness of the sign to safeguard all engagements with the enemy.

Crucified Bacchus

 From then on Christian armies carried the cross symbol into battles. Christians who deny this story cannot escape the fact that the story derives from Euesbius's own writings and church fathers after him used this to support the symbol of the cross. Later on, and especially during the crusades, the cross became a permanent part of the uniform of a soldier. Thus the army of Christianity invented the symbol of the cross to symbolize battle (a spear) to represent Jesus and to protect their killers (the army). Christianity has remained a religious and political justification for war and violence ever since. 
Now lets see what Christian historian Tertullian  has to says about Cross:
Crosses, moreover, we Christians neither venerate nor wish for. You indeed who consecrate gods of wood venerate wooden crosses, perhaps as parts of your gods. For your very standards, as well as your banners, and flags of your camps, what are they but crosses gilded and adorned? Your victorious trophies not only imitate the appearance of a simple cross, but also that of a man affixed to it.
Tertullian was a Christian who later became a Gnostic. He implies that Christians borrowed the sun-god myth.
Again, lets pay attention to what famous Pagan historian Celsus has to say about copy-cat Christian Cross:- “Are these distinctive happenings unique to the Christians-and if so, how are they unique? Or are ours to be accounted myths and theirs believed? What reasonsdo the Christians give for the distinctiveness of their beliefs? In truth there is nothing at all unusual about what the Christians believe, except that they believe it to the exclusion of more comprehensive truths about God.
Egypian Cross Glyph
The early Christians were painfully aware of such Jaw dropping similarities. How could Pagan myths which predated Christianity Thousands of years have so much in common with the biography of the one and only savior Jesus? Desperate to come up with an explanation, the Church fathers resorted to one of the most absurd theories ever advanced. From the time of Justin Martyr in the 2ndcentury onward, they declared that – “the Devil had plagiarized Christianity by anticipation in order to lead people astray! Knowing that the true Son of God was literally to come and walk the Earth, the Devil had copied the story of his life in advance of it happening and created the myths of Osiris-Dionysus.”  Studying the myths of the Pagans it becomes obvious why these early Christians resorted to such a desperate explanation.
Tertullian used to mark the forehead with a cross. It seems Tertullian acknowledged Jesus died on a cross, but rejected wooden crosses. Nevertheless, he unambiguously said that Christianity borrowed the cross and the concept of “dying for the sins of mankind”. Therefore, Christianity is rehashed paganism and the New Testament is recycled pagan myth.
The cross of Christ, as experts seem to agree, was actually a bar placed across the top of an upright, so it was not a cross at all. It was a “Tee” (T), called “Taw” in Hebrew and “Tau” in Greek.
A pagan sign of the mystic Tau of the Chaldeans and the Egyptians, this cross was a symbol of the Roman god Mithras and the Greek Attis, and their forerunner Tammuz, the Sumerian solar god, consort of the goddess Ishtar. Conveniently, the original form of the letter 'T' was the initial letter of the god of Tammuz. During baptism ceremonies, this cross was marked on the foreheads by the pagan priest.
Mysterious Christian “FISH” Symbol : An Analysis of Christian Psych
"Come after Me, and I will make you become fishers of men."
                                                                                                            - Mark 1:17

The Apostles were often referred to as "fishers of men". Followers of Christianity were called Pisciculi; the root of this Latin word is "fish".If two strangers met and were unsure whether each other was a Christian, one would draw an arc in the earth like:). If the other were a Christian, they would complete the symbol with a reverse arc: (), forming the outline of a fish.

Goddess Freya
The fish symbol has been used for 1000’s of years worldwide as a religious symbol associated with the Great Mother Goddess. It is the outline of her vulva. The fish symbol was often drawn by overlapping two very thin crescent moons. One represented the crescent shortly before the new moon; the other shortly after, when the moon is just visible. The Moon is the heavenly body that has long been associated with the Goddess, just as the sun is a symbol of the God.
·         In China, Great Mother Kwan-yin often portrayed in the shape of a fish.
·         In India, the Goddess Kali was called the "fish-eyed one"
·         In Egypt, Isis was called the Great Fish of the Abyss.
·         In Greece the Greek word "delphos" meant both fish and womb. The word is derived from the location of the ancient Oracle at Delphi who worshipped the original fish goddess, Themis
·         In ancient Rome Friday is called "dies veneris" or Day of Venus, the Pagan Goddess of Love.
·         In Scandinavia, the Great Goddess was named Freya; fish were eaten in her honor. The 6th day of the week was named "Friday" after her.
·         In the Middle East, the Great Goddess of Ephesus was portrayed as a woman with a fish amulet over her genitals.
·         The fish headdress of the priests of Ea [a Sumero-Semitic God] later became the miter of the Christian bishops.
As accompanied by the fish story of Jesus miraculously helping his disciples land a catch of 153 fish, this same feat is also strangely achieved by Pythagoras five hundred years earlier in an ancient legend recorded by the neoplatonist Porphyry. Pythagoras himself predicting the exact number of fish to be caught, with the 153 being a sacred Pythagorean number associated with the "Vesica Piscis" or "Vessel of the Fish" (image right).
The question that we need to ask ourselves is  if Mythological Jesus really existed then why is he saying I will make you fisher of Men? Is Jesus really so dumb and fool as to not even know that the natural habitat of fishes is in water and if you take them out then they will die?
Joker: Why So Serious?
Friends lets get pretty hard on facts “Did Jesus’s saving the fishes actually means killing Fishes ”? Was Jesus a lunatic or a Psychopath who believed in his cause like anyother tyrant and nefarious dictator? Was he suffering from some strange mental condition that he thought that whole world to be fool and he alone to be true? Could it be that our Jesus Christ is but a Dangerous JOKER of the Movie BATMAN ?
We all know that if a child speaks like this that means that he is innocent but if an elder speaks like this then he is a psycho waiting for his prey.Lets check other facts:
1.    When Jesus and his disciples are accused of breaking the Sabbath, he excuses himself by referring to a scripture in which priests who "profaned the Sabbath" were blameless. But there is no such passage in the Old Testament. {Matthew12:5}
2.    God's Perfect World is like a mustard seed that someone took and sowed in his field; it is the smallest of all the seeds, but when it has grown it is the greatest of shrubs and becomes a tree, so that the birds of the air come and make nests in its branches” [Matthew 13:31-32]. Fact one: there are many smaller seeds — for example, orchid seeds. Fact two: mustard grows into a bush, not a tree.
Remember folks how Jesus promised you people that if you have faith of a mustard seed you can move mountains, but mustard only becomes bush and never a full fledge tree. In short Christianities scope is quite narrow when it comes to Spirituality just like Bush.By the way can you quote any saint from past 2000 years of Christianity who ever moved mountains? (All the Best! lol)
3.    " Truly I tell you, this generation will not pass away until all these things have taken place. –{Matt24:34}. Sadly no such thing ever happened for past 2000 years.

4.    Let the one who believes in me drink. As the scripture has said, ‘Out of the believer's heart shall flow rivers of living water” (John 7:38). There is no such Doctrine in Jewish Scriptures like that.

In the Hebrew Scriptures, living water comes from God, not from believers in God. Whatever Jesus may be quoting, it isn't in the Bible. Jesus is trying to take false and unethical advantage by being a fake and hypocrite teacher who knew nothing about Jewish tanach and torah. Jesus Christ uses Taqiyya (Art of Deceiving and Fooling to further onces hidden Agenda) . Why?
Because Christianity means taking over a country by stealth and stratagem. No body catches FISHES to hang them as decorative pieces . On catches them (By deceit,lure & Entraps them) either to roast them and quinch onces hunger or to sell them in market for money.  This is how missioneries have been casting their net to trap fishes for past 2000 years. But in that process they do not realize that by such acts an entire civilization and culture bleeds to death, even as fishes if you take them out of water they die longing for their home and breath.
So it becomes very clear what sort of mentality Christians have. But such activities eventually back fires too cause if you mess with  Nature’s scheme for her children she will punish you.
Example:- Mexico and South America  a culture that at its peek gave birth to beautiful monuments and pyramids and awesome ziggurats & arts and crafts , a civilization that produced highly advanced mathematicians and astronomers
Stories of Christianisation of them is both sad and an eye opener too. Spanish explorers first came there in search of Gold and started looting them. So many people were killed who opposed exploitation of their country. Add to trouble when church fathers saw there history, hi-standard and advance knowledge they started calling these as Satanic influences. They called Native Indians Gods and Goddess as Demonic Spirits. Horror and Genocide became the norm of that continent. Today Mexico is full of Drugs and crimes. People are getting killed by Drug dealers like anything. Not only that even USA have a tough time dealing with them and containing this Drug menance. What goes around eventually comes Around. This is what happens if we mess with other’s civilization and culture if we interfere with someone else’s evolution and advancement .These people were steadily progressing towards a Divine plan chalked  out for them but purpose of their civilization could not get completed due to aggressive converstion and human right violation. Result is all in front of us.
Even to this day Missioneries go in South America to Christianize Shamans they think that they are saving their souls but the fact is that they not only are messing with Nature but also it is they(Westerners) and not Pagans who are in dire need to be saved. Pagans have their family values and cultures intact for millennias. Such proselytization eventually leads to demise of a great tradition and belief system that took Mother Earth thousands of years to teach its children by making them sit in the lap of Nature.
Teachings of Love and forgivness are not patent of Christianity alone because they belong to a much greater religion i.e Humanity:
ü  Buddhism-"Hurt not others in ways that you yourself would find hurtful."Udana-Varga 5,1”
ü  Sikhism-"As thou deemest thyself, so deem others."

ü  Zoroastrianism-"Whatever is disagreeable to yourself do not do unto others."Shayast-na-Shayast 13:29

ü  "He sought for others the good he desired for himself. Let him pass."Egyptian Book of the Dead (1580-1350 B.C.)
If Christians and Muslims want to show their tolerance let them first throw off their exclusivism and accept other paths, including the pagan are valid. Let them close down their conversion activities and openly dialogue with other religions to jointly discover what is true. Let them apologize for their history of denigrating other faiths and seeking to convert them with force and propaganda. All human beings have access to the Divine and the problem is that their exclusive beliefs and their missionary efforts removes them from the Divine in others and causes them to lose the Divine within themselves as well.
All human beings possess a natural faith and intuition in a higher truth and consciousness.

The deliberate moronic concept of salvation through belief in a savior or prophet leads to much confusion and is incapable of really changing human nature. This is because the impure mind mixes its own desires with any experience of the Divine that it may be able to achieve. Result is continuous downward spiral of morality & perpetual erosion of family values in West coupled with degenerated projection of females.
Knowledge alone brings liberation and it comes not through belief but through meditation.

Once human beings  communed freely with the forces of nature. They felt a spirit in every hill or valley. They saw a Divine face in the Sun and the Moon. They felt a consciousness in the mountains, trees and clouds. They recited poetry, performed rituals, and had profound meditations on the sacred world order, which they discovered allied with their own inner Self. Those who possessed such insight were the sages, seers, druids or rishis that guided the culture.                             
The advent of the One God and his one book banished the nature spirits from the Earth, disconnected us from our ancestors, and removed us from the grace of the great Gods and Goddesses. Our human god like a superego came to rule over our psyche and alienate us from life. Pagan learning that included natural healing, herbs, astrology, the occult and yoga was dismissed as dangerous & demonic. This One God was not a universal formation He represented not a unity of truth, but a single God opposed to all others.
He demands, but to a duality of the true believer and the infidel that ushered in a reign of mistrust, hatred and eventually terror upon the world in the name of religion.
Native religions are not credal beliefs based upon a church, scripture or prophet. They are rooted in the land and in the sky, not in a book or in an institution. They are part of a people, culture and way of life. While some of their beliefs may appear primitive or crude to our casual glance, we can find great meaning in them if we would but look upon them with sensitivity and openness.Organised Religions like Christianity and Islam herded the natives like cattle, split up their families, tore them off the land that was their soul, most strangely, they thought in this cruel process that they were actually civilizing the natives and giving them the chance to become good Christians.

Dreaming When the Dawn’s Left Hand Was In The Sky .I Heard A Voice Within The Tavern Cry.”Awake , My Little onces And Fill The Cup .Before Life’s Liquor In Its Cup Be Dry “.
“Come, Fill The Cup, And In The Fire Of Spring. The Winter Garment Of Repentance Of Fling: The Bird Of Time has But A Little Way, To Fly & Lo! The Bird Is On The Wing.”
                                       -Omar Khayyam

Robert Mascharan !!!





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