Comparative Mythology: Jesus, Mithras and Osiris


  1. How can you prove, or disprove, a belief of a human, or group of humans?
    Man has always, in every group through time looked for some meaning to life, and some way to explain the world around them. All have resulted in the worshiping or hierarchy of a supreme being. The energy, or force that kick-started life. What man calls, and deems worthy of that entity is solely up to them.
    Nobody likes to be told they are wrong, or that their beliefs aren't true. And everyone believes in their own cause just as much as everyone else. True the church, and practices of man have gotten in the way of the true quest; which is understanding. And the traditions of man have always been skewed. But why devote time into telling people that what they believe is false, when it will only inspire unrest in those that believe, or cause others to follow a road of negativity.
    Instead, how about helping people to understand each other. To communicate, and accept the other regardless of personal choice in any matter.

  2. Sir kindly understand i don't hate any one. But Im fully against conversion propaganda and supermasist theory . Christians are wasting time and money in proselytizing various countries. They like Muslims don't have any tolerance for any religion or belief system. Do you ever find any pagan or celt doing such crap? Why then they think they are saving souls of people? “Did Jesus’s saving the fishes actually means killing Fishes ”? Was Jesus a lunatic or a Psychopath who believed in his cause like anyother tyrant and nefarious dictator? Was he suffering from some strange mental condition that he thought that whole world to be fool and he alone to be true?

    Is Jesus really so dumb and fool as to not even know that the natural habitat of fishes is in water and if you take them out then they will die? Thats exactly what has happened to various civilisations and cultures who sccumbed to christianity.Before Muslims took over Egypt it was christians who destroyed Alexandria library whY? Why Hypatia of greece and many noble men of Ancient Greece suffered by christianisation? Because they all were following Jesus's teachings. Bleeding a civilisation to death just like trapping a fish in net and eating it out or selling it in market.

    It takes 1000's of years for a civilisations to reach peak and withing few decades every thing got destroyed .Ask your self why?
    Pagans are honest and they openly admit their religion's origins are christians so?Why are christians so dishonest? Because Christianity stands on Pagan origins and they are masking it as divinely commanded by a Diety called YHWH which is not even their own but a violent Jewish Diety.
    I tell you the fact the day YHWH retures you shall curse the day you started calling him Father..


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