Agora: Story Of How Crazy Christian Monotheism destroyed Ancient Greece!!

Monothetism: ” A systematic and well précised  approach to breed in the Host nations to eventually wipe out the last trace of  it’s native traditions and value system. A fundamentalist approach whereby perpetuating a chain of denial, suppression & extermination of all prehistoric teachings, evidences of civilization and belief  system  thereby implementation of a supermacist theory where by Monothetism assumes a Supreme position and starts imposing and creating a mechanism through which a propaganda is made to flourish by portraying Paganism as Diabolic and Demonic  and highly primitive in nature.”
     “ A well defined Machinary to create havoc and wretch destruction on the native and deeply rooted tradition of host nations by imposition of foreign culture and belief system and thereby successfully creating a artificially crafted environment whereby citizens are compelled to surrender to alien teachings as a last resort to save the future of their country and their childrens from getting perished. Eventually leading Monothetism to discarding and dumping the host nation’s belief systems in garbage terming them trumphically as PAGANISM.”
                                                                                                     - Robert Mascharan

The untold story of the demise of Greek civilization and its inculturalization of Christianity.
'AGORA', a movie brilliantly potrays the plight of a famous greek philosopher Hypathia during which the entire civilization is treacherously converted to christianity.True to its nature, this religion based on Pathetic Monster GOD does what it continues to do even today.Demean every other religion claiming a patented method for claiming an imaginary heaven  and fictitious Imagination called HELL and the christ as the only one who knows/will know the path to that heaven. 
A marvelous plot where the philosophers are evolving to find out the secrets of nature through study of philosophy and natural sciences, and the most dreaded thing known to man happens. The dumb christians start to take over the citizens and gradually reach the king and queen.This is a must watch for all those wanting to know the actual history of christianity.
 Far away from the white-clothed cute girly type of jesus and his followers as depicted by Michelangelo and others in their paintings. Wake up everyone, those who dont know this needs to know and those already following this need to question the principles of a religion which the entire europe has thrown away.

In The Name Of Humanity,
Robert Mascharan!!!


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