Missionery Scandalous Property Empire: A Brief History In India

    When the Missionaries arrived, the Africans had the Land and the Missionaries had the Bible. They taught us how to pray with our eyes closed. When we opened them, they had the land and we had the Bible.
                                                                                                          – Jomo Kenyatta                                               
In India, during the British occupation, natives rebelled against overt evangelisation attempts. British then resorted to covert efforts to weaken the native identities and undermine native heritage. Native education institutions were consciously targeted and thoroughly devastated. British not only leased native lands to christian missionary institutions but also supported them using Hindu tax payer & colonial economy generated revenue. And the church ended up controlling India's largest real estate land-bank. Post 1947, these distortions were never addressed and worse expanded under sickular CON party despotist misrule. Natives were encouraged to feel grateful and internalise the charade of pretentious service done by christian organisations, much of it done using native money, native land, native assets

Indian experience in this regard has been worse. Church and company have successfully pulled the wool over the natives, preventing scrutiny on its land assets, activities. One fails to understand why the Church in India still retains such sway over prime real estate and properties both movable and immoveable. This effort is to place on record deliberate subversion that has been the hall mark of the Church’s evolution in India – aided and abetted first by the imperialist Europeans (christian west) and subsequently by the sickulars, in particular the Congress Party.
The Church needed not merely influence but more tangible inputs such as land and money to achieve this aim. From all evidence these were granted freely and readily; overtly, prior to 1857 independence war and more carefully post 1857.
In the meanwhile, in order to derive maximum benefit,  Church, like the empires it dealt with to enable mutually beneficial loot, attempted to organize its disparate denominations in India to be able to better “serve” heathen natives apart from of course ensuring greater leverage over British colonial over-lords stationed here. Out of this impulse was born the  Church of India, Burma and Ceylon (CIBC)
In 1927 Parliament passed the Indian Church Act & Indian Church Measure which created an autonomous  Church of India, Burma and Ceylon (CIBC) out of the  Church of England in India. Under the new law, trusteeship of properties held by the viceroy passed to the CIBC. By this time British knew that their time of departure could be nearing.
These initial efforts were merely phase one of consolidation which was followed up later in 1947 with the formation of  Church of South India Trust Association (CSITA) that ensured the consolidation of not only Church denominations but also of their individually looted properties. Thus from being “privately” owned, these were converted into properties under Trust of the Church of South India. Let us recall here that the looted property initially held by the temporal authority of the British Viceroy passed on to the unified and sacral authority of the CSI. So what was secular property first under the authority of Government, ended by as Christian controlled property?
With the formation of the Church of South India in 1947 the Anglican, Methodist, Presbyterian, and the Congregational Churches in Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Pondicherry, and interestingly the northeast of Sri Lanka were merged. Each of the denominations also agreed to turn over their properties to the newly formed CSITA.
Upon independence in 1948, the government of Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru decreed that title to property held in trust for the Church of South India and the Anglican Churches in the North would pass to the state. Local Church trusts and associations would administer the properties.
Thus the loot was now the looters (Churchs’) legally owned property of which the new caretaker (New administrator – essentially Hindu) was the former victim whose property was looted!
The stated objectives of use of such property are variously described as educational, medical and service oriented. These well publicized goals also ensure a steady flow of overseas funds particularly from the West, into the Church’s coffers which in turn fuels the Church’s mission to further shock and awe the native Hindu Samaja and keep it enmeshed in Stockholm Syndrome. And the generic Church does not seem to have hesitated using these assets to push proselytising on gullible natives. 
Many people hyperventilate against islamists and islamic gangs. And it is a matter of historical record that islamic invasions have been a hugely negative force in India's history, which also resulted in India being partitioned. In the past, there was lot of conversion of native Indians to islam, particularly by the highly deceitful sufist islam which purported similarity to native roots while pushing gullible converted Indians and their families to dogmatic mental slavery.
Christian deceit has tended to get free pass primarily on account of sickulars controlling mass media, government and "xn west" influence both in business and academic worlds.


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